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Mangone Shipbuilding, Houston TX

Mangone Shipbuilding was a subsidiary of Stewart & Stevenson, which acquired Anchor Boatworks in 1965 and renamed it. It was sold to Swiftships in 1981, just in time for the collapse of the shipbuilding market. The yard was located on Brays Bayou, at South 80th Street and Brays Street, in the Magnolia Park section of Houston, where the Cronimet recycling yard is today: see it from the air on Google here. If anyone can add to the table below, please email

Most recent update: 8 August 2014.

Hull # O.N. Original Name Original Owner Type GT Built Disposition
65 299368 Mars Astro Marine PSV 193 1965 Scrapped 2007
66 500536 Jupiter Astro Marine PSV 181 1965 Now Sea Horse III (Cayman I.)
67 501802 Midnight Sun Jackson Marine PSV 230 1965 Now Midnight Star (B.V.I.)
68 501417 Cecil H. Green Geophysical Service Research 347 1965 Now New Star (Panama)
69 Gemini Astro Marine PSV 459 1965 Later O-Mar-I, Golfo de Panama, now El Golfo II (Panama)
70 Seven Seas PSV 181 1965 Later Rig Tender, Sea Tender, Prashant I, Gulf Anax, Elmira, Alia, Malikah, Millennium, now Millennium III (Sharjah)
71 503714 Unitedgeo I United Geo Research 198 1966 Later Western Cape, Nautical Inspector, Pard I, sank in GoM 1995
72 Unitedgeo II United Geo Research 195 1966 Later Western Cay, Lara Hana, Carnival II, Amalia, now Ville d'Abidjan (Panama)
73 Midnight Star Jackson Marine PSV 186 1966 Later Tropical Service, Sheikh Sultan, Anita, sunk by mine in the AG 1977
74 Midnight Moon Jackson Marine PSV 176 1966 Sank in GoM 1978
75 511366 Seismic Explorer Seismic Explorations Research 291 Jan-67 Now Joe G Jr.
76 507458 Rig Engineer Crowley Marine AHTS 190 Jan-67 Later Louis Eymard, now Gulf Carrier
77 Panama Rig Pusher Crowley Marine AHTS 169 1967 Now Romana II (UAE)
78 507396 Ann B San Jacinto Towing Tug 37 1967 Now Ann Marie
81 508070 Apollo Crowley Marine Tug 160 Jan-67 Now Mi'oi
82 508639 Jupiter Crowley Marine Tug 128 Jan-67 Now La Jean Pierre
83 509555 Hercules Crowley Marine Tug 147 1967 Active
84 Panama Cabinda Moon Jackson Marine PSV 294 1967 Scrapped 2000
86 Pegasus Astro Marine PSV 568 1968 Later UCO XIII, UCO II, Master King, Nojoum 20, Karoon, now Nojoum 20 (Dubai)
87 Panama Offshore Houston Offshore Int'l. AHTS 591 1969 Later Nazek, Tasoulis K, Shark, Shark III, Tasoulis L (Iraq)
88 518285 Spartan Crowley Marine Tug 147 1969 Active
89 518570 Saturn Crowley Marine Tug 147 Jan-69 Active
90 Aquarius Astro Marine PSV 251 1969 Later Robray Second, Sirius, UCO XII, Bashayer I, now Al Badayar (Sharjah)
91 522195 Seismic Surveyor Seismic Explorations Research 614 1969 Now Tango I (Argentina)
92 Eastern Advocate Eastern Sea Services AHTS 580 1970 Later Richard Tide, Sea Rancher I, Sea Rancher V, Toto, now Good Hope (Nigeria)
93 529256 Mastodon Penrod Drilling AHTS 818 Nov-70 Later Dea Supporter, scrapped 2010
94 Eastern Worker Eastern Sea Services AHTS 626 1970 Later Harold Tide, Balboa, Atlas VI, Maya Trader, Bulk Trader, scuttled 2002
95 Offshore Beaumont Offshore International AHTS 602 Apr-70 Later Beaumont, Nujum-5, Al Manzar, Four Corners, Barakat, now Pelican (Sharjah)
96 Offshore Birmingham Offshore International AHTS 676 Apr-70 Later Birmingham, Birmingham I, Al Hubara, Cougar, Dream, now Dream III (Sharjah)
97 530679 Mammoth Penrod Drilling AHTS 723 Mar-71 Later Doug McKeil, now Mr. Doug ((Mexico)
98 Gwen Jackson Marine PSV 295 1971 Later Arabian Moon, Avonpark, Bidadari, Sea Fortune, Sea Crusader, now Dau Khi 106 (Vietnam)
99 Sea Pearl Bugge Supply Ships AHTS 650 Jun-71 Later Corona, Essa 1, El Daman, Essa 1, now Sechura Express
100 Sea Explorer Bugge Supply Ships AHTS 1,300 Jun-71 Later Sea Discoverer, Sea Wind, Intersub Five, British Enterprise Five, now O. T. S. Yeoman (Egypt)
101 Joan 1 SEDCO AHTS 734 1971 Later Arcadie, now Abu El Hool 4 (Egypt)
102 Xavier B Belco Petroleum AHTS 481 1971 Later Ocean Service III, Seabulk Clipper, now Ocean Star II (Dubai)
103 Andre B Belco Petroleum AHTS 651 1972 Later Roncador, now Salmon (Nigeria)
104 Permina Supply No. 1 Pertamina Tonkang AHTS 694 1973 Now Aladin I (Sharjah)
105 Norway Tender Trout Wilhelmsen Offshore AHTS 726 Sep-72 Later Aladin, Alad, Aladin, Salvator II, now Salvator (Nigeria)
106 Norway Tender Tuna Wilhelmsen Offshore AHTS 417 1972 Later Star Orion, Star Services, Aquila, now Diva (Fujairah)
107 Brazil Resplendor Marpetrol AHTS 651 Feb-73 Later Tarpon, Damas Victory, sank in AG 2009
108 Norway Tender Turbot Wilhelmsen Offshore AHTS 474 Apr-73 Later Apsara, Asterias, Aladin Sea, Julia Edwards, now Atlantico (Brazil)
109 Norway Tender Tarpon Wilhelmsen Offshore AHTS 474 Sep-73 Later Challenger Service, Selat Arjuna, sank in AG 1993
110 Brazil Registro Marpetrol AHTS 464 1973 Later Dolphin, Dolphin III, now Wind Star (Nigeria)
111 Brazil Renascenca Marpetrol AHTS 651 Aug-74 Later Marlin, P.J. Maryam I, HD Blue Ocean, sunk by pirates off Nigeria 2008
112 Norway Tender Trigger Wilhelmsen Offshore AHTS 762 May-74 Later Orsa Maggiore, Diamond, Sea Diamond 1, now Kuban (Russia)
113 Norway Tender Trumpet Wilhelmsen Offshore AHTS 457 Aug-74 Later Charger Service, scrapped 1999
114 Norway Sea Bruse Bugge Supply Ships AHTS 4,861 Nov-74 Later Bruse, Alexandre, fishing vessel Saga Sea, Kamchatka, Saga Sea (Norway)
115 Norway Sea Bure Bugge Supply Ships AHTS 5,111 Mar-75 Later Bure, Artabaze, now fishing vessel American Dynasty
116 Norway Sea Brute Bugge Supply Ships AHTS 1,114 Sep-75 Later Bruteford, Bayford, Champion Service, Neptuno del Golfo, now Midnight Star
117 Norway Sea Bruin Bugge Supply Ships AHTS 1,114 Mar-76 Later Bruinford, Bushford, Chieftain Service, now Sim Sim (Sharjah)
118 570064 Florida Martin II Andrew Martin AHTS 803 Feb-76 Later Estelle Briley, Ram Challenger, Golden State, Ensco Giant, Odyssea Giant, now Don Roberto (Mexico)
119 Norway Musketeer Fighter Bernhard Hansen AS AHT 767 Jun-76 Later Tender Pard, Carmencita, Velox, Thailand Eagle, Seabulk Titan, now AMS Titan (Nigeria)
120 Norway Musketeer Fury Bernhard Hansen AS AHT 767 Nov-76 Later Tender Pull, Margarita, Vortice, Norfolk, now Samuel de Champlain
121 Norway Musketeer Friend Bernhard Hansen AS AHT 457 Mar-77 Later Tender Puma, now Tajin (Mexico)
122 585644 Alice Briley Briley Marine PSV 282 Aug-77 Later Marion C, American Pride, now Pride (Nigeria)
123 5 Brothers Mangone Shipbuilding Tug 767 1977
124 587733 Blue Fox OSV 248 Nov-77 Now Good Sheppard
125 599296 T. R. Naquin Briley Marine PSV 623 Nov-78 Later State Cougar, now Erin Bruce (Argentina)
126 Western Strait Western Geo Seismic 261 Aug-79 Now Kaimikai-O-Kanaloa
127 Western Narrows Western Geo Seismic 394 Mar-80 Now Walvis 5
128 622374 Owen Tide II Tidewater Marine Seismic 740 Aug-80 Now Mabisel Owen Tide II (Nigeria)
129 630496 Northern Sun Sun Oil Tanker 2,750 Jan-81 Now Oriental Dominion II (Singapore)
130 637605 Mariner Viking Havco Offshore Seismic 268 Jun-81 Later C/Viking, OMS Cameron, now Cameron (Nigeria)
Built by Mangone Swiftships Inc.
131 942592 Tender Banff Wilhelmsen Offshore AHTS 1,389 Dec-81 Later fishing vessel Crystal Clipper, Pacific Explorer, scrapped 2000
132 934772 Tender Bali Wilhelmsen Offshore AHTS 1,389 Jul-81 Later fishing vessel Crystal Viking, Pacific Scout, scrapped 2000
133 643975 PBR/456 PBR Offshore PSV 736 Jun-82 Later Mar 25, Gray Tide, Al Saratan, now Al Hiva (Dubai)
134 Italy Tender Bay Wilhelmsen Offshore AHTS 753 Aug-82 Later Tender Genova, Castalia Verde, Augusteo Sedici, Asso Sedici, now Billton (Italy)
135 Italy Tender Bounty Wilhelmsen Offshore AHTS 753 Sep-82 Later Tender Gela, Castalia Azzura, Augusteo Quindici, Asso Quindici, now Tiger (UK)
136 PBR/309 PBR Offshore PSV 386 Dec-82 Later C/Hercules, now El Ingeniero
137 659900 PBR/305 PBR Offshore PSV 290 Jul-82 Later Golden Wolf, Seabulk Georgia, now Dakotah Bill
139 650033 PBR/369 PBR Offshore PSV 290 1982 Later C/Warrior, Don Henrique, sank off Mexico 1991


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