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Argonauta [ISSN 0843-8544] is the newsletter of the Canadian Nautical Research Society (CNRS) and is published four times a year.

Volume XIX, Number 3, of July 2002, (on the left) contains articles on Maritime Provinces Steam Passenger Vessels, Nautical Nostalgia, DNA of TITANIC victims, and Operation Neptune, 1944.

Argonautaceased paper publication at the end of 2012, but continues "electronically" since Volume XXX, Number 1 (Winter 2013).

The CNRS also publishes The Northern Mariner / Le Marin du Nord.


Our collection is complete from Volume 1, Number 1 of September 1984 (illustrated right) which in fact asked the membership to find a name for the Newsletter. Number 2 appeared in December of the same year with a cover much resembling that of today.

Editors: Isabel Campbell and Colleen McKee
Canadian Nautical Research Society,
2067 Alta Vista Drive
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1H 7L4

Website: Canadian Society for Nautical Research.

Collection: Stormy Weather.

Availability: complete collection, boxed.

Indexing: by ACS, started, incomplete.


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