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Navy Books


A special sampling from our many titles of naval books currently available at The Victory - Spring 2020. These books are for sale, please enquire for details about these books or other titles. For bibliographic information about the books, see our Library Catalogue.

Payments may be made on our secure server. All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Postage is at cost, packing and handling is free of charge.

Although with travel restrictions at this time (due to COVID restrictions) we are able to process and ship books. We have a great number of titles for sale, all at different, but most reasonable, price ranges.

If you are focused in a specific area such as RCN, RN, USN, WWI or WWII, early wooden fleets etc. we would be happy to suggest some books and or periodicals which may be of interest to you, and suitable for your collection.

1 /14
The Sea is at Our Gates $30
2 /14
The Seabound Coast, Vol.1 $60
3 / 14
Naval Weapons $225
4 / 14
War at Sea, four vols $450
5 / 14
The Armed Yachts Aginst Canada $50
6 / 14
Warships 1990 $30
7 / 14
The Unknown Navy $20
8 / 14
Canada and the Battle of the Atlantic $75
9/ 14
Conway Fighting Ships 1860-1905 $90
10/ 14
Conway Fighting Ships 1906-1921 $90
11/ 14
The Navies in the Nucelar Age $35
Ten Hats, Oilskins & Seaboots $20
In Peril on the Sea $35
U-Boats against Canada $30

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