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Repairing a model

Repairing a model

The Naval Marine Archive's volunteers are an integral part of our daily operations. Their contributions help us achieve our goals and enhance our visitors' experience. Volunteers give their time and talent to many activities, including cataloguing, libary management, journal classification, art restoration and framing, carpentry projects such as shelving, garden maintenance, ship model repair, ship plans, receptions and many other areas.

navu=y lady

The "navy lady" roses

Repairing a model


Additionally, as extraordinary supporters and advocates for our organization's mission, volunteers work alongside staff and participate in a number of projects ranging from thought-provoking research to challenging active work.

Volunteering is not just work... It's a learning experience and a marvelous opportunity to meet people from Prince Eward County, from all over Ontario and Canada, and from many other parts of the globe.

If you have time or talent that you would like to share, we invite you to join us. Please see the ways you can contact us.


Please also see our Guide to Donating.



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