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The Argonauta collection


The Argonauta, v. XIX, no. 3.


Argonauta [ISSN 0843-8544] is a quarterly publication of the Society. Besides serving as the CNRS newsletter, it also provides a place for articles less formal than those which would appear in The Northern Mariner. It is also the best place for queries and small research notes.

Volume XIX, Number 3, of July 2002, (on the left) contains articles on Maritime Provinces Steam Passenger Vessels, Nautical Nostalgia, DNA of TITANIC victims, and Operation Neptune, 1944.

Argonauta ceased paper publication at the end of 2012, but continues "electronically" since Volume XXX, Number 1 (Winter 2013).

See the separate index of Robin H. Wyllie's Maritime Provinces Steam Passenger Vessels in Argonauta.


The Argonauta, v. I no. 1

Our collection is complete from Volume 1, Number 1 of September 1984 (illustrated right) which in fact asked the membership to find a name for the Newsletter. Number 2 appeared in December of the same year with a cover much resembling that of today.


Editor: Erika Behrisch Elce
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Website: Canadian Society for Nautical Research.

Collection: Stormy Weather.

Availability: complete collection, boxed.

Indexing: by ACS, started, incomplete.

Electronic access: to the publisher's resources.




The Naval Marine Archive collaborates very closely with the Canadian Nautical Research Society. We hosted their 2012 annual conference "The War of 1812: Differing Perspectives".


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