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The Northern Mariner, first issue.

The Northern Mariner / Le marin du nord, ISSN No. 1183-112X (paper), 2561-5467 (electronic), is a fully refereed journal devoted to all aspects of the North Atlantic and North Pacific. It publishes essays, notes and documents on a variety of naval and maritime history, including merchant shipping, maritime labour, naval history, shipbuilding, fishing, ports, trade, nautical archaeology and maritime societies. TNM/LMN is published quarterly by The Canadian Nautical Research Society in association with the North American Society for Oceanic History.

The four issues of TNM/LMN published annually total about 500 pages. Each issue contains feature articles (often illustrated) that run the gamut of maritime subjects. There are also frequent research notes, memoirs, documents, and review essays. One of the most important features of TNM/LMN is its book review section, which is by far the most extensive in the field. On average, TNM/LMN reviews more than 300 new books each year, making it the most convenient and comprehensive way to keep abreast of new monographs.

Our collection is complete from Volume 1, Number 1, including the newsletters Argonauta. We also have some back issues available.

This collection, up to Volume 9 Number 3, was most graciously donated by Ship Research Services (Mr. Eric Lawson) of British Columbia.

A subsciption is kept open with the publishers, the Canadian Nautical Research Society; the collection is therefore always complete.

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The Naval Marine Archive collaborates very closely with the Canadian Nautical Research Society. We hosted their 2012 annual conference "The War of 1812: Differing Perspectives".


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