Model Yacht Mary

yacht mary

Yacht Mary

by Peter A. Kirk


When Charles Stuart, the future King of England visited the Netherlands in 1660, he was impressed with the small pleasure boats that the Dutch called yachts. The Dutch presented him with such a vessel, and he brought the sport of yachting home to England. Charles II loved yachts, and during his reign he owned several, nearly thirty of them.. He named his firstyacht – this one – after his sister Mary, and the rest after his wives and mistresses.

This model was made by Peter A. Kirk, a retired RCN officer. This model was made from a Mamoli kit, with detail and finish modified and perfected by the model maker, to a scale of 1:54.




Our model collection is too extensive to have them all on display at The Victory at any one time. On request, and with a little advance notice, any model in our reserves can be made available to visitors.


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