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Our Ontario Historical Society Papers and Records collection

Ontario History

Papers and Records, v. VIII (1907)

The Papers and Records, renamed Ontario History in 1948, is the journal of the Ontario Historical Society. It was published annually from 1899 (Volume I) to 1948 (Volume XL), then quarterly until 1997, become bi-annual in 1998 with Volume 90. The Society was founded in 1888, and is now a registered charity - a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to increasing an appreciation of Ontario's history and preserving its heritage for people of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

The Society's newsletter, the OHS Bulletin, is published five times a year.

Volume VIII, published 1907 and illustrated here, contains an eighteen page article by Barlow Cumberland M.A. on "The Navies on Lake Ontario in the War of 1812".

Collection: Stormy Weather Collection

Availability: this collection is complete; some single, slipcased, some bound volumes.


Indexing: an older, but useful index is available for a general search up to 2006, while our catalogue is divided into several parts, chronologically:


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