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The collection is complete fro 1899 to present [although this list is only updated to 2006, later issues are detailed here.] The column "Dup" denotes that we hold at least one duplicate that we would be happy to exchange for items of interest to our collections.


Mon:Year Vol/Num Articles Vessels Dup
Jan:1899Idescendants of Joseph Brant, Peter Teeple, map comments St. Regis to Ste. Maire, Robert McDowallfounder of Queen's University - marriage registry, 1800's and baptismal record Fredricksburg.  
Jan:1900IIUEL settlement Long Point, Lake Erie; political aspects of the Revolution, travel and treatment of Loyalists, Indians of Long Point, families that settled at Long Point.  
Jan:1901IIIrecords of Niagara, German- Canadian folklore, Joseph Brant- Thayendanegea, migration of Voyageurs from Drummond Island, ethnographic lists of Ontario.  
Jan:1903IVExploration of the Great Lakes, Dollier de Cason and de Brehant de Galinee, Galinées map, James H. Coyne,   
Jan:1904V1812, Discovery and Exploration of the Bay of Quinte, by J. Coyne; Presqu'isle; comte de puisaye; The Origin of the Maple Leaf Emblem, by J.H. Morris; Historical Notes on Yonge Street, by L. Teefy; Genealogical List of the Bull Family, by Dr. A.C. Bowerman; Ancaster Parish Records, 1830-1838, by Rev. John MillerSpeedy,  
Jan:1905VIThe John Richardson Letters, Cruikshank, Andrson records 1699- 1896, history of NY state, McCollon memoirs, battle of Goose Creek 1813, origins of Napanee, Essex county records, first Indian land grant Malden,Nancy 
Jan:1906VIIUpper Canadian History to 1795, records Assumption, Essex, Black List - tories who sided with Great Britain, an account book in the 1800's, maple leaf in emblem of Canada, memoirs of colonel John Clark, post office in simcoe county,  
Jan:1907VIIINavies on Lake Ontario 1812, nottawassaga river route, Kingston, Cataraqui, nancy, st Lawrence, many more,  
Jan:1910IXCentenary of death of Brant, An episode in the War of 1812, Cruikshank, Highland pioneers of Middlesex, Fort Malden Amherstburg, statistics of St. Thomas.Nancy 
Jan:1913XSir Issac Brock and the war of 1812  
Jan:1913XIplace names in Georgian Bay  
Jan:1914XIIKingston fortifications, 1812 cause, 1812 outcomes, indians and health, ojibwa religion, feudalism in Upper Canada, joseph brant,   
Jan:1915XIIIBrock letters, Rush-Bagot 1817, Ottawa river, early militia,   
Jan:1916XIVCaptain Robert Herriot Barclay, Lake erie, Ships at Moose Factory, Hudsons Bay Company, Robert Fleming Gourlay, heraldry of canada,   
Jan:1917XVMilitary register for t george,   
Jan:1918XVIpolitical prisoners and exiles 1838,, Loyalist of the St. Lawrence,, windsor and Detroit Ferries, Kirkfiled Ontarion founding, Rev. John Barclay  
Jan:1920XVIINot yet indexed  
Jan:1921XVIIINot yet indexed  
Jan:1922XIXDeep waterways, Robert Nichol, molly Brant's marriage,   
Jan:1923XXIndex Volumes I-XX, Norfolk lake erie naval station 1812, Thomas Scott, Dollier and Galinee, Normandale furnace, Turkey Point Charlotteville,   
Jan:1924XXIMontreal-Kingston 1791, command of great lakes 1814, shipbuilding, hessians in Marysburgh  
Jan:1925XXIINot yet indexed, commodore alexander grant 1734-1813,   
Jan:1926XXIIIcanal size and traffic, shipbuilding and navigation Lake Ontario upto 1816, steam and durham boats on Ottawa river, echo of 1812 traitors, niagara portage road and map, niagara shipping, nancy, 1812 
Jan:1927XXIVNot yet indexed  
Jan:1928XXVNot yet indexed  
Jan:1929XXVINot yet indexed  
Jan:1930XXVIINot yet indexed  
Jan:1931XXVIIINot yet indexed  
Jan:1932XXIXPost-war Niagara 1818, travel before railways, first Tay Canal,   
Jan:1935XXXNot yet indexed  
Jan:1936XXXICaptain Meyers, fortifications at Kingston, irish immigration with shipping, iron works gananoque, Amity, Regulus, Resolution, John Barry,  
Jan:1937XXXIIinvasion of navy island, Caroline,  
Jan:1939XXXIIIlittle gibraltar, bridge island blockhouse, john porteous schenectady to michilimakinacprivateer Vengeance, sloop,  
Jan:1940NOT published   
Jan:1941NOT published   
Jan:1942XXXIVearly shipping on the Thames, Burr,   
Jan:1943XXXVNot yet indexed  
Jan:1944XXXVIScadding's family, long point lake erie, lighthouses,   
Jan:1945XXXVIIJohn Norton, mohawk, 1812, Lord Selkirk, Niagara peninsula,   
Jan:1946XXXVIIIcave of the winds, provincial agent upper canada,   
Jan:1947XXXIXtoronto carrying place, papermaking, districts of upper canada,   
Jan:1948XLletter from penetanguishene, iriquois poetess pauline johnson, johnson letters,   
Jan:1949XLI / 1economics of british garisons, upper canada rebellion, Silas Fletcher,   
Apr:1949XLI / 2port dover harbour and ships built there, , french mission sites huron, cholera 1832 p64, Chippewa, schooner LARK, resolution, caroline, Margaret Morgan, Rescue, Britomart, New Dominion, Shenango, colonial, city of erie, keystone,  
Jul:1949XLI / 3Mary Electa Adams, pioneer educator, St Ives, selborne, courts of request,   
Oct:1949XLI / 4lake st clair settlement champlain huron 1615, C.W. Jeffereys  
Jan:1950XLII / 1evolution of local government, phoebe roberts quaker 1821-22Frontenac p25 
Apr:1950XLII / 2john brown, O.A.C. student 1880, innisfil   
Jul:1950XLII / 3peter brown, canadian parliament of 1850, letter of 1837, kings college  
Oct:1950XLII / 4john strachan montreal kingston 1799south african war, minute books, journalism 1860-70,  
Jan:1951XLIII / 1diary of william graves, upper canada state papers, migration upper canada to manitoba 1871  
Apr:1951XLIII / 2methodism niagara, dundas town, ernest green, john talbot letter 1838  
Jul:1951XLIII / 3elementary education, printer louis roy, joseph silverthorn,   
Oct:1951XLIII / 4talbot and early London, british travellers in Upper Canada, 1815-1837  
Jan:1952XLIV / 1Thames - its banks, trinity college, snider griffonGriffon 
Apr:1952XLIV / 2Chales D. Parfitt, burley,   
Jul:1952XLIV / 3fate of Kingston's warships, methodism and education, St Lawrence, Psyche, 1
Oct:1952XLIV / 4John Talbot, billy green, abolitionist,   
Jan:1953XLV / 1Toronto art students league 1896-1904, negro slaves loyalist, elections and education, waterloo centennial, Pennsylvania german folklore,   
Apr:1953XLV / 2schools and local history, roads prohibition and charity, diary of augusta silverthorn,   
Jul:1953XLV / 3molly brant, French heritage kingston, toronto, upper canada 1835,   
Oct:1953XLV / 4early creative litterature, path of progess - st lawrence seaway, thomas talbot and lord wharncliffe,   
Jan:1954XLVI / 1toronto art students league, negro slaves and loyalists, provincial archives, election and education 1850's Louth,   
Apr:1954XLVI / 2recovery of HMS Tecumseth (Snider), letters of Chief justice william osgoode, fugitive slaves, tecumseth, nancy, confiance, scorpion, surprise, tigress, newash, bee,  
Jul:1954XLVI / 3letters of Chief justice william osgoode, tassie boy WG Wallace, windsor, museums,   
Oct:1954XLVI / 4port of Kingston, ottawa became capital, historic sites,   
Jan:1955XLVII / 1first legislative asembly, william putnam, historic Kingston and its defences, bethlehem to fairfield, welland canal company and duke of wellington,   
Apr:1955XLVII / 2vicomte de vaux, industrial growth to 1891, buffalo and brantford railway,   
Jul:1955XLVII / 3peterborough petroglyphs, early settlement canadian side detroit river, bois blanc island,   
Oct:1955XLVII / 4diary of john white, upper canada in 1836, york mills 1800-1955,   
Jan:1956XLVIII / 1griffon (snider), diary of 1837 john s macdonald, squuire matthews, port of kingston, constitution OHS, Hanna, deerness,   
Apr:1956XLVIII / 2robert land, frontier skirmishes, manitoulin letters of charles crosbie brough, preservation historic values st lawrence,   
Jul:1956XLVIII / 3Richardson, kensington gardens 1830, fitzgibbon, four mile creek, upper canada 1830, anti-slavery society, smith's plan granting land to loyalist children,   
Oct:1956XLVIII / 4rottenburg, 1812 civil authority and martial law, peter russell 1796-1799, prehistory  
Jan:1957XLIX / 1colonization roads 1850-67, thomas talbot to beverley robinson, simcoe letters to sir james bland burges,   
Apr:1957XLIX / 2ononymous 1812, niagara parks commission, fairfield to Schonbrun, duke of york,   
Jul:1957XLIX / 3local history sources, king canuteand early law, guillet and Preston, silver inlet, printed maps 1800-64,   
Oct:1957XLIX / 4family compact, gilbert purdy, john galt novels, wedding 1854, mahlon burwell,   
Jan:1958L / 1abraham sloot, surveys of water route lake simcoe to ottawa river 1819-27  
Apr:1958L / 2uncle tom and clayton, wilmington provincial RCYC club house, broad pennant on point frederick, settler's autobiography, synod, wilmington, Provincial 
Jul:1958L / 3samuel Bealy Harrison, midewiwin, medical society, froomefield moore, 1812 in candian history, horsethieves pirates witches,   
Oct:1958L / 4Mossom Boyd lumber trent valley, lands and policies, daniel Fowler, sharon temple children of peace, archeology,   
Jan:1959LI / 1capture of york, provincial freeman, negro, seals and arms, aaron wismer. Jordan, lundy's lane, Madison, Oneida, Prince Regent, Duke of Gloucester,  
Apr:1959LI / 2camboose shanty, oxford movement on the church, reverend william jenkins 1779-1843, laura secord, loth harbour shipping Co, tunkers, Flying Dutchman, Northumberland, Tymon,  
Jul:1959LI / 3William Burr great lakes niagara st lawrence and saguenay, regionalism, dominion general election 1878, ontario boundary dispute 1833-84, imagination in history,   
Oct:1959LI / 4John Rolph, navy island, letter december 1837, catholic missionary lake superior 1667-1751, diary of Henry Ransford, four went to the Civil War,   
Jan:1960LII / 1british base at carleton island, regiment de watteville, loyal and patriotic society, upper canadapreserved medal, prehistory,  
Apr:1960LII / 2pioneer abolitionist, king township york county 1800-67, artist turns farmer Daniel Fowler, trafalgar township 1817,   
Jul:1960LII / 3British base at Carleton Island, regiment of Watteville, Upper Canada preserved medals, Kente area  
Oct:1960LII / 4Steamship Traveller 1837, Lumber community 1815-1867, negroes in Upper Canada, SS Traveller,  
Mar:1961LIII / 1early forms building construction, fenian invasion june 1 and 2 1866, canadian oil companies,  
Jun:1961LIII / 2fat years and lean, moose factory, upper canadian reformers, british views 1791-1841,   
Sep:1961LIII / 3Papers on museums, first great toronto fire 1849, uk national trust,   
Dec:1961LIII / 4rebuilding toronto fare 1849, early settlement st joseph island, james wallace peterborough, chelsea pensioners,  
Mar:1962LIV / 1stormy history york roads 1833-65, james H. Coyne, early historian, grand river valley,   
Jun:1962LIV / 2sectarian strife in dundas county, jesse happy slave, prehistory, historic location of hurons 1
Sep:1962LIV / 3summer resorts, carfrae family, bridge pagwachuan, congregational church, immigration to huron tracts  
Dec:1962LIV / 4niagara, battle of the windmill 1838, emily stowe sufragettes, mentally retarded, Upper canaada's first political party,  
Mar:1963LV/1Land ownership, iriquois,   
Jun:1963LV/2six nations, york riots 1832,  
Sep:1963LV/3naval service, list of vessels employed on the great lakes 1755-1875, see database 
Dec:1963LV/4six nations 1812, joseph brant, john norton, mohawk, brant, grand river tract, iroquois,   
Mar:1964LVI/1explosives, US warships on Great Lakes, 1796-1941,   
Jun:1964LVI/2Steamboats on trent 1830-1950, molly brant  
Sep:1964LVI/3pelee island 1838, william hearst, MacKenzie King  
Dec:1964LVI/4sixnations and American revolution, john galt  
Mar:1965LVII/1baldoon, selkirk, scottish immigrants, six nations macdonald,   
Jun:1965LVII/2tyendinaga mohawks, laura secord, US 1842, william claus, john norton,   
Sep:1965LVII / 3Canal building, Rideau, railways,  1
Dec:1965LVII/4alaska boundary, kingston elections 1820-1836,   
Mar:1966LVIII/1strategy of Brock, sincoe settlers 1834-1835, toronto's first railway,   
Jun:1966LVIII/2loyalism local power niagara 1792-1837, trinity medical college,   
Sep:1966LVIII/3James Fitzgibbon irish riots, election 1919, adam beck, west gate 1760, Onondaga, Mohawk, Mississauga, Apollo, 1
Dec:1966LVIII/4quebec bill, cruikshank medal,   
Mar:1967LIX / 1somcoe's schooner, Onondaga,  
Jun:1967LIX / 2cruise of the Minnie M, election fixing, Minnie M,2
Sep:1967LIX / 3Caroline, burning, lumber camps,Caroline2
Dec:1967not issuedsee pamphlet below  
Mar:1968LX/1pamphlet, explains why LIX/4 and this issue are Not yet indexed  
Jun:1968LX/2Canadian Orangeism, barnabas Bidwell,   
Sep:1968LX/3RMC and Kingston, huronia, indian missionary contact 1615-1649,   
Dec:1968LX/4family compact, bank of Upper Cannada and politics 1817-1840, great western railway 1833-1857  
Mar:1969LXI/1anti-american 1837, allan Macnab militia, lennox struggle 1873,  
Jun:1969LXI/2crown surveys and settlement, fenian, indian reserves policy,   
Sep:1969LXI/3battle of windsor, john baldwin, scottish settlement names  
Dec:1969LXI/4Mackenzie king, new oswegatchie 1784-1814, willoughby Crawford, michipicotn island ghosts and copper,   
Mar:1970LXII/1Fred Landon, C17th iriquois villages, land and wheat cultivation early C19th,   
Jun:1970LXII/2algoma central railway, W. Stewart Wallace, paper lumber industry, john H. Dunn,  
Sep:1970LXII/3oliver mowat, indian liberating army, timber scandal, howard ferguson, george sheppard,   
Dec:1970LXII/4red george macdonell, militia, girl guides 1910, library university toronto, champlain bruce peninsula myth,  1
Mar:1971LXIII / 1coal transport southern ontario 1871-1921, grand river navigation company and the six nations, land policy 1793-1851, 1828 upper canada election results,   
Jun:1971LXIII / 2Stratford, Goderich, molly brant, children of Sir John Johnson, farming early C19th, Edward Wilkes Rathbun, napanee tamworth and quebec railway, william o'brien,   
Sep:1971LXIII / 3Preservation, Ontario Heritage Foundation, Historic buildings, preservation in Kingston, grey owl, riots 1849,   
Dec:1971LXIII / 4Robert Murray, Ryerson Carman Albert College, Belleville, George Jervis Goodhue, Robert Gourlay, Gadfly, yeomanry veterans,   
Mar:1972LXIV/1Peter McArthur, crime prisons and punishment 1832-1851, fenian, john Strachan 1815-1841,   
Jun:1972LXIV/2Toronto Globe defense of Canada 1861-1866, john beverley robinson, toronto bank guards, hamilton family,   
Sep:1972LXIV/3Hiram Walker, walkerville, William Allan 1812 family compact, temperance 1839-1859, Fort York 1805-1909,  1
Dec:1972LXIV/4farming development 1870-1914, bayside school, George Bennett, Nicholas Flood Davin, George Brown's assassin,  1
Mar:1973LXV/1T N Gibbs J Holden 1873, judge willis King's Bench, minificent parsons, schuyler Shibley,  1
Jun:1973LXV/2Glengarry french literature, john galt hibernia, reciprocity 1874, ehwae 1640, john strachan cobourg 1842-1852,   
Sep:1973LXV/3businessman Willaim Warren Street, Quinte Mission 1668-1680 (James Pritchard), amherst plan, pontiac uprising, elementary education,  1
Dec:1973LXV/4Edward Watkin, pacific telegraph 1861-1865, equal rights 1890, petworth emigration, Lord Egremont emigration 1832-1837, decline of hamilton,  1
Mar:1974LXVI/1damaged landscapes, prohibitionists, fenean trials, MacNab Syndenham, Susan Sibbald pioneer,  1
Jun:1974LXVI/2george PM Ball, british officals and negro community, toronto municipal reform 1895, irish famine migration, agricultural journals 1840's 1
Sep:1974LXVI / 3family compact at work, manitowaning, sir henry smith 1
Dec:1974LXVI / 4ogle gowan orangeism 1830-33, thomas coltrin keefer, john hillyard cameron conservative leadership 1854-56, ned hanlan oarsman professionalism,   
Mar:1975LXVII/1education of girls, cholera in 1832, colonization rads and commercial policy, workmen's compensation,  
Jun:1975LXVII/2history of OHS papers and proceedings, william higgins, fugitive negro, fed election victoria haliburton 1917,   
Sep:1975LXVII/3military land granting post 1812, donald bethunes steamboat business, 1836 lennox addington election, Sunday schools, Brittania, 1
Dec:1975LXVII / 4Transportation ontario 1817-67, political prioners, life transportation, mississauga, stinson jarvis kit of the mail,  2 (1 back cov damaged)
Mar:1976LXVIII /1tree of life german alsacian gravemarkers, tar and feather case 1827, adam oliver ingersoll thunder bay, feminism 1875-1900, 1
Jun:1976LXVIII /2feminism, family, rape, george warburton spragge, short hills raid, thomas vincent archdeacon moosonee, 1
Sep:1976LXVIII /3wealth power fort niagara, miss rye's children ontario press 1875, 1
Dec:1976LXVIII / 4napanee mechainics institute, public power in hamilton, fraktur art,   
Mar:1977LXIX /1Holmes Foundry strike 1937, agrarian revolt, manitoulin by-election 1918,   
Jun:1977LXIX /2elizabeth simcoe, simcoe family, manitoulin incident 1863, georgian bay ship canal, canals 1850-1915,   
Sep:1977LXIX /3UC Club and Upper Canada Elite, orange order, united farmers, origins penitentiary system, prisons,   
Dec:1977LXIX / 4Lorenzo Cadieux, samuel morley wickett, urban progressive movement 1900-1915, Baldwin McDonnell duel, tornadoes before 1900,  2
Mar:1978LXX / 1second great fire of toronto 1904, charles McKenzie, land speculation 1820-40, ontario heritage act,  
Jun:1978LXX / 2education in james bay horden years, upper canadian press 1793-1815, mowat park polcy niagara, ontario heritage act, sir james gowan's papers, 1
Sep:1978LXX / 3fragments of architecture, board of works, two richelieus macdonell mcKenzie, strachan,  1
Dec:1978LXX / 4john morgan gray 1907-1978, penetanguishene reformatory juvenile prisoners, auto industry 1928, thomas todhunter shields, politics and economics of development,  1
Mar:1979LXXI / 1naval incompetence before 1813, provincial marine, WAB Douglas, woodsworth house 1944-54, ontario election 1871,la choueguine, montcalm, jeorge, vigillantgeneral hope, earl of moira, detroit, royal george, lady prevost, prince regent, queen charlotte, 1
Jun:1979LXXI / 2oliver mowat, vice chancellor 1864-72, letters to john mowat 1843-46,  
Sep:1979LXXI / 3the crown v willaim brass, silent enemy screen image canadian indian, 1
Dec:1979LXXI / 4 joseph witmer, sixteenth century ontario,   
Mar:1980LXXII / 1ontario periodicals, thomas mayne daly, free speech 1931, bibliographie des comtés-unis de Prescott-Russell,  
Jun:1980LXXII / 21917 fed election, niagara harbour and dock company, woods shipbuilding, william gilkison, experiment 1837, canada 1854, zimmerman 1854, city of toronto 1840, illustrated, william IV, queen victoria, traveller, gunboat DRAUGHT, full list,1
Sep:1980LXXII / 3schools, immigrant women domestics, Huron population,  5
Dec:1980LXXII / 4London Oligarchy 1837, Welland canal, James Cockburn,  1
Mar:1981LXXIII / 1self defence francis bond head 1841-70, the Globe and labour question 1886, tory samuel peters jarvis and indian dept 1837-1845 1
Jun:1981LXXIII / 2dispossession of the mississauga indians, church of scotland, lockmaster rideau jones falls peter sweeney,  1
Sep:1981LXXIII / 3william ralph meredith confrontation john joseph lynch, francis bond head private side, denison's law criminal and police 1877-1921,  1
Dec:1981LXXIII / 4Rainy River, sir oliver mowat redistribution 1874, RM Bucke asylum,  1
Mar:1982LXXIV / 1theatrical families hills and herons, samuel zimmerman niagara 1843-57 1
Jun:1982LXXIV / 2vernacular variations in housing, educationand the fugitive slave, late C19th agriculture in european overseas development, 1
Sep:1982LXXIV / 3london asylum for the insane C19th, sir robert falconer universities, farmers and railwaymen elgin county, 1
Dec:1982LXXIV / 4indians, women in the ontario CCF, parliamentary procedures 1792-1820, chronicling Kingston,  1
Mar:1983LXXV / 1motherhood, midwifery, childbirth home to hospital early twentieth century, helen MacMurchy, birth control hamilton 1930's, fertility rates 1871,  1
Jun:1983LXXV / 2altered buildings, spa waters, sam hughes 1892,  1
Sep:1983LXXV / 3cast iron, sulphuric acid, factories in berlin, hydraulic enterprise, woolen in almonte,  1
Dec:1983LXXV / 4smallpox, health reformers, compulsory vaccination 1900-20, drug addiction, public health in cobalt,  1
Mar:1984LXXVI / 1owen sound, great lakes fleet, CPR, polson shipyard and ironworks, spanish freeholder 1824, james dougall and windsor, sinners and publicans law 1874,algoma, alberta, athebasca, manitoba, ss phenix exwaldo a avery, keewatin, assiniboia1
Jun:1984LXXVI / 2bytown and nepean road, richmond toll road, black image in nineteenth century, john galt,  1
Sep:1984LXXVI / 3industry and manufacturing growth 1880-1910, asa danforth roads rivals and rebellion, toronto three popular myths, makenzie king in north york, clio in hogtown,  1
Dec:1984LXXVI / 4royal highland settlements, loyallist 1784 ojibwa role in conquest 1650-1751, fed election lennox riding 1882-83 1
Mar:1985LXXVII / 1peter brown, toronto banner, creation of methodist church, george barnly, fur trade company families of james bay 1
Jun:1985LXXVII / 2guelph and early town planning, ideology and ex-slaves, buxton and chatham, public libraries, 1
Sep:1985LXXVII / 3steamboat promotion, James Sutherland, women's medical collegesMagnet 
Dec:1985LXXVII / 4farming, farm women, north huron, use of construction materials early ontario, 1
Mar:1986LXXVIII / 1captain bayfield, naming islands, admiralty clerks, 1937 london flood,  1
Jun:1986LXXVIII / 2united empire club building, architecture,  1
Sep:1986LXXVIII / 3reform schools, gore district upheaval 1832-1851,  1
Dec:1986LXXVIII / 4township libraries canada weat 1840-60, rural women teachers turn of the century, women at queen's university, hidden curriculum ontario school art 1904-40,   
Mar:1987LXXIX / 1children of peace community, colonel belcher political patronage, canadian settlers in southern michigan, review settler's dream,   
Jun:1987LXXIX / 2types riot, rule of law rebellion, canadian lakehead 1871-81, abitibi power and paper,   
Sep:1987LXXIX / 31812 myths and facts general proctor, early chmical refining in Ontario, reverend james caughey wesleyan methodism, Hastings Road and colonialization,   
Dec:1987LXXIX / 4Public Market 1800-60, ethnicity education sault ste marie police canada west 1864-67,  
Mar:1988LXXX / 1Adolphustown centennial 1884, children of peace 1812, technology toronto police 1875-1925, banner of 1837,  
Jun:1988LXXX / 2oswego 1756, radar WWII, sara jeanette,   
Sep:1988LXXX / 3child and maternal welfare rural ontario, conservative leaders 1836-1854, early encounters european cree western james bay,   
Dec:1988LXXX / 4teachers institute, isaac underhill affair murder 1809, new canada agrarian youth protest 1930's  
Mar:1989LXXXI / 1eastern ontario loyalist women, ottawa old age homes, thomas priestman 1811-39 niagara,  
Jun:1989LXXXI / 2methodist union 1823-33, police unionism early C20th, hincks brown rivalry scandal,   
Sep:1989LXXXI / 3dokis indians protect their timber, eastern ontario immigrants New York 1880-1910, molly brant, catherine brant,   
Dec:1989LXXXI / 4honour course system U of T, international border marital behaviour, military context founding toronto  
Mar:1990LXXXII / 1northern ontario, hudsons bay company managers, copper cliff, sudbury,   
Jun:1990LXXXII / 2JJ kelso children's aid, imperial policy kings royal regiment, james egan london first photographer,   
Sep:1990LXXXII / 3[labelled Vol 83 in error] militiamen, medals and invented traditions of 1812, mississauga-lake ontario land surrender of 1805, women early social status upper canada,   
Dec:1990LXXXII / 4Mrs Simcoe from neglected sources, gender religion rural quaker, ladies aides ontario methodism,  1
Mar:1991LXXXIII / 1initial settling niagara on the lake, irish immigration north hastings, mary bib black teacher, canadians in american civil war acw,   
Jun:1991LXXXIII / 2sara jeannette duncan canadian liberal, gore district outrages 1826-29 violence, widows work urban family economy 1871,   
Sep:1991LXXXIII / 3General Brock, Mica Bay, mining, establishment of ontario ministry of culture 1974,  1
Dec:1991LXXXIII / 4early camp borden, conscription election of 1917, economic development lakehead wheat boom 1900-14,   
Mar:1992LXXXIV / 1edward alexander theller, oliver mowat, tramps in ontario1870-80 1
Jun:1992LXXXIV / 2ginger group ccf woodsworth, grass-root political works, barbara m hanley first woman mayor, mckenzie king and felix volkhovskii,  1
Sep:1992LXXXIV / 3ontario hydro, toronto public art museum, guelph maple leafs, sisters of st joseph,   
Dec:1992LXXXIV / 4women peace activists WWI to post WWII, feminism, temeprance letitia toumans,  1
Mar:1993LXXXV / 1st lawrence river panorama tourism, thomas sockett petworth immigrants, ontario ccf/ndp, jacob l englehart early petroleum industry,  1
Jun:1993LXXXV / 2wesleyan college, municipal bonusing, john walpole willis, securities industry f h deacon,  1
Sep:1993LXXXV / 3an erie canal for upper western canada, methodist book and publishing house, six nations council house, ohsweken, early iroquois history in ontario,   
Dec:1993LXXXV / 4Not yet indexed  
Mar:1994LXXXVI / 1Not yet indexed  
Jun:1994LXXXVI / 2mausoleums to malls, early innovators school museums ryerson hodgins boyle, 150 years meseums peterborough, community meseums, museum ownership,   
Sep:1994LXXXVI / 3divorce, poverty and medical science, reforestation, ontario women's temperance union,   
Dec:1994LXXXVI / 4public right of fishing, government fishing policy, indian fishing rights in upper canada, conservatism, tombstone affair 1845, newcastle district elections, 1836 and 41,   
Mar:1995LXXXVII / 1great lakes fishery, bay of quinte, whitefish, early popularity women's institutes, ontario savings office, toronto irish, land registry office use in research,   
Jun:1995LXXXVII / 2pro and amateur sport, paris waterworks 1882, mississauga mennonite relations, LJ Burkholder, teachers pensions,   
Sep:1995LXXXVII / 3george allen, anne langdon, female coburg upper canada academy, cheesemaking,  1
Dec:1995LXXXVII / 4canadioan corps 1934, student opinion depression and war, bishop fallon, orangeism,   
Mar:1996LXXXVIII / 1fulton-vanderburgh house richmond, patronage jewish businessmen, radio during depression, historiography of upper canada,   
Jun:1996LXXXVIII / 2Not yet indexed  
Sep:1996LXXXVIII / 3motherhood, temperance, sex education, adult education,   
Dec:1996LXXXVIII / 4Not yet indexed  
Mar:1997LXXXIX / 1st lawrence seaway mitch hepburn king roosevelt, women confront communism, ladies coburg burlington,  
Jun:1997LXXXIX / 2rideau canal driveway, industry dereliction landscapes, toronto horticultural society, central experimental farm  
Sep:1997LXXXIX / 3camp w internment WWII, william ralph meredith, moravian mission to the Chippewas, 118th overseas battalion,   
Dec:1997LXXXIX / 4social ebvangelism 1919-20, religious dissent mormonism 1833-43, black parents canada west,   
Apr:1998LXXXX / 1early pacifism inc 1812, gender, women, prophylactics, butter industry,   
Oct:1998LXXXX / 2Centennial, Upper Canadian History  
Apr:1999XCI / 2david william smith, Upper Canada's first surveyor general, working class, dutch revival, christian schools,   
Oct:1999XCI /2victorian fly fishers, torontopleasure grounds, caution on letters early immigrants  
Apr:2000XCII / 1dean jacobs, detroit indian deeds, aboriginal title and public fishing rights upper canada, roads and rights C19th upper canada, walpole island residential schools,   
Oct:2000XCII / 2sport masculinities early C19th, women and law northumberland and durham, blacks whites emancipation 1865-1919, rural demographics northeastern ontario 1901-1941,   
Apr:2001XCIII / 1co-ed university of toronto1884-1909, high school culture inter WW, cartoons and commissions postwar junior farmers,  
Oct:2001XCIII / 2abuse and desertion hamilton 1859-92, conflict inspection toronto schools, spanish reiver forestry post WWI, Ontario hydro technical standards 1917-1958  
Feb:2002XCIV / 1history of museums, Doon Pioneer village  
Aug:2002XCIV / 2harriet martineau  
Apr:2003XCV / 1Harry Jones, Port Franks, Samuel Jarvis, Kingston Waterworks,   
Oct:2003XCV / 2Queen's Park and its avenues  
Apr:2004XCVI / 1landscape evaluation, harvester wars, HV McKay, Massey-Harris, International Harvester, favourable soil and climate for hemp in upper canada 1800-1813, education of the ontario farmer,   
Oct:2004XCVI / 2europeans and indians met in canada, standing upright woman, land rights, nah nebah wee qua, Georgian bay anishanabek, interwar indian rights,   
Apr:2005XCVII/1architecture, Robert Fairfield, John Mackenzie house, Bungalow  
Oct:2005XCVII/2Upper Canadians and their Guns, architecture of the cemeteries,formation of the municipal parks in London ON, Glengarry, archival sources  
Apr:2006XCVI1I/1how commissioners explained treaty number 9 to Ojibway and Cree in 1905, impact of Hudson's bay on treaty 9, Onterio Officers' training coorps 1939-1945, Orange-canadian unionist and Irish home rule crisis 1912-1914  
Oct:2006 ... (today) XCVI1I/2 ... In our collections, but not yet indexed  


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