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HMCS Hallowell - the Canadian Vickers poster


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Built and Engined by


Keel laid November 5, 1943 — Launched March 28, 1944 — Completed in July 1944

Hallowell – Prince Edward County – Province of Ontario – Canada, was visited for the time by loyalists in 1784 - founded in 1797. The name "Hallowell" was given in honour of Benjamin Hallowell, who was a prominent loyalist, and formerly from Boston. The first meeting of the municipality took place in 1798. Amongst the first pioneers were Major Peter Vanalstine and Lieutenant Paul Huff. The first house was inhabited by Colonel Archibald MacDonald and was built by shipbuilders. Þ Picton, founded in 1830, is an important town in Hallowell Township. A Canal was constructed between Picton and Prescott the same year. In 1830, the "Hallowell Free Press" was put into operation. Þ Benjamin Hallowell was knighted and subsequently became an Admiral in the Royal Navy. The name Carew was added to his own after his marriage to Mrs. Carew. Sir Benjamin fought as a Captain under Viscount Lord Nelson at the battle of the Nile. In the biographical memoirs of Nelson, published in 1806, it is recorded that Captain (later Admiral) Hallowell had been mentioned in despatches by Nelson. Þ It may be said, therefore, that H.M.C.S. "Hallowell" has been named after one of Lord Nelson's Captains. Þ Shown below is an authentic impression of the signature of Vice-Admiral Sir Benjamin Hallowell Carew, taken from the Carlton House Register in London, England, and dated September 11th, 1828.

The signature of Sir Benj. Hallowell Carew and certain of the
above information was obtained through the courtesy of Mr. C.G.
Hallowell of Paris, Ontario, a distant relative of Sir Benjamin.



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