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The Steam Barge Aberdeen (1894)


Name: ABERDEEN Type: Steam Barge
Official Number: 94924 New Tonnage: 181
Tonnage Gross: 142 Registered Tonnage: 87
Build Location: Picton Port of Registry / Hail: Picton
Build Year: 1894 Value: $15,000; (1897)
Length: 100 feet Breadth: 22 feet
Depth in hold: 5 feet and 6/tenths
Builder’s Name: Hepburn Class: A1; 1897
Owner: Hepburn

See also the entry for the steam barge Aberdeen in our ships Database. [updated 6 February 2024]


Steam barge Aberdeen, laid up for winter, Picton. (Photo: Lorne Joyce fonds.)

  1. PROPELLERS. ABERDEEN: Built of Wood: Gross Tons; 142: When Built; ’94: Bottom Caulked; ’01: Owner; A.W. Hepburn: Port of Hail; Picton: Value; $10,000 –(1907): Class; A2: Lumber Deck Load; 8’: Remarks; S.S.C.(smoke-stack cased): S.K1.(steel plates on keelson): Re.’06 (repairs)
  2. Marine Review (Cleveland, Ohio), 5 Apr, 1894 p.5. Vessels laid up at Lake Ontario and River St. Lawrence ports.
    ABERDEEN Capt. M. Heffernan.
  3. Marine Review (Cleveland, Ohio), 2 Apr 1896 p.5. Hepburn, A.W., Picton, Ont: Steamers:
    ALEXANDRIA Capt. H.B. Smith, Engineer Alex Milne
    EMPRESS OF INDIA Capt. George O’Brien, Engineer Francis Summerville
    ABERDEEN Capt. Micheal Heffernan, Engineer Henry Allison
  4. Marine Review (Cleveland, Ohio), 15 Apr 1897, p. 5. Hepburn, A.W., Picton, Ont. Steamers:
    ALEXANDRIA Capt. R. Smith Engineer Chas. McWilliam
    EMPRESS OF INDIA Capt. Geo. O’Brien Engineer M. Tetro
    ABERDEEN Capt. M. Heffernan, Engineer George Gown
    WATER LILY __________, __________
    ONTEORA Capt. Homer Perron.
  5. Aberdeen

    Steam barge Aberdeen, circa 1910, Picton. (Photo: Lorne Joyce fonds.)

  6. Marine Review (Cleveland, Ohio), 13 Jan, 1898, p.6. Vessels in Winter Quarters in Various Lake Ports.
    Steam Vessels: ABERDEEN – at Picton.
  7. Marine Review (Cleveland, Ohio), 7 Apr 1898, p.4. Hepburn, A.W., Picton, Ont.
    ALEXANDRIA Capt. E.B. Smith, Engineer Chas. McWilliam
    EMPRESS (OF INDIA) Capt. George O’Brien, Engineer M. Tetro
    ABERDEEN Capt. M. Heffernan, Engineer F. Thercauld
    WATER LILY Capt. M. Hicks, Engineer Geo. Gown
    ROB ROY Capt. H. Perron,
    DELAWARE __________
  8. Marine Review (Cleveland, Ohio), 23 Mar 1899 p. 8 Hepburn, A.W., Picton, Ont.
    ALEXANDRIA Capt. E.B. Smith, Engineer Chas. McWilliams.
    ABERDEEN Capt. M. Heffernan Engineer Frank Thercauld
    WATER LILY Capt. M. Hicks Engineer George Gerow
    ROB ROY Capt. Homer Peron
    DELAWARE __________
  9. Marine Review (Cleveland, Ohio), 13 Mar 1902. APPOINTMENT OF OFFICERS Lake Ontario Navigation Co., Ltd., Picton, Ont.
    ALEXANDRIA E.B. Smith, Thos. Milne
    ARGYLE G. O’Brien, John Hazelett
    ABERDEEN M. Hicks, Frank Thenault
    L. S. PORTER M. Hefferan, Geo. Hazelett
    WATER LILY Wm. Dulmage, Geo. Sauve
    NIAGARA not appointed, Fred Corkey
    ISABELLA REID H. Bonin, __________
    ROB ROY T. Brunette, __________
    DRAKE A. Durocher,__________
  10. ABERDEEN #7
    Other names: none.Official Number: 94924.
    Type at loss: propeller, wood, bulk freight, “rabbit”.Build Info: 1894, J. Tait, Picton, Ont.
    Specs: 100 x 22 x 9; 142 s.t.
    Date of Loss: 1918, Mar 11.Place of Loss: At Picton, Ont., Bay of Quinte.
    Lake: OntarioType of Loss: fire.
    Loss of life: ?Carrying: ?
    Details: Burned in harbor, at the “Ways”, Hepburn Shipyard. Part of the large Hepburn fleet.
    Year of loss also given as 1917.Sources: mmgl, ns2, h, csv, hgl, hcgl
  11. PUBLICATION: The Railway & Marine World (Toronto, Ont), Feb 1911, pgs 188-89 Ontario and the Great Lakes. The Ontario and Quebec Navigation Co., Ltd., which was recently incorporated, has been organized to take over the businesses and vessels of the former Ontario & Quebec Navigation Co., Ltd., and the Quinte Navigation Co. The O. and Q.N. Co., owned the steamboats ABERDEEN, ALEXANDRIA, LLOYD S. PORTER, and WATER LILY, and the Q.N. Co., owned the steamboats ALETHA, BROCKVILLE, VARUNA, and WHERE NOW, running on Bay of Quinte waters, between Picton, Belleville, Deseronto, Trenton, and Kingston. An order has been given for the construction of another steamboat which will be operated between Toronto, Charlotte, Montreal, and Quebec, during the coming season. Following are the officers and directors for the current year: President and General Manager, B.R. Hepburn; Vice President J.F. Chapman, General Freight and Passenger Agent Rathbun Lines; General Freight and Passenger Agent; J.D. Hepburn; other directors, W.V. Cooper, A. Leslie, H. Dempsey.
  12. John M. Mills Canadian coastal and inland steam vessels, 1809-1930: Record #3, Mills Number 280. Name: ABERDEEN. Propulsion: Screw Propeller. Official Number 94924. Dimensions, 100 x 22, 142 Tons. Built in Picton, Ontario, Canada. CLOSING INFORMATION: Date Closed: 1918/03, Reason Closed: Burnt. Where Closed: Picton, Ontario, Canada.
    ADDENDUM: ABERDEEN, 100 x 22 x 9. Owned by A.W. Hepburn (Ontario & Quebec Navigation Co.) 1894. Canada Steamship Lines 1913. Used in the coal trade, Lake Ontario. Engine 131/2-26 x 18 by Bertram Engineering Works, Toronto. Destroyed by fire 11/03/18 in drydock, Picton.
  13. Canadian Registry List, Record 2 of 5: Basic information given, the only difference is the date of the loss by fire as March 1917, registry closed 1920-11-04.
  14. C.H.J Snider’s Schooner Days CCLXVII (267), "From grocery scow to GREAT EASTERN: more ships that Jack built – Jack Tait of Prince Edward."

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