Prince Edward County ships

These pages assemble historical data concerning ships that were built, owned or operated regularly in Prince Edward County, Ontario, on the North shore of Lake Ontario, including images when available. Multiple sources have been used, including the Picton Shipping Register 1851 to 1882, contemporary newspaper reporting, published books and journals, and other archival material, specifically holdings in our Willis Metalfe, Lorne Joyce, Gary Mauthe and Alan Capon fonds. Notes: (i) *** shows that the Registrar indicated that the vessel was being built or about to be built in 1882; (ii) The Registrar made a mistake and two #11’s are recorded; also #44, 45, and 46 are missing, or never used.

Background material is available in Early shipping in Prince Edward County; please also refer to our fully searchable Ships Database, a more detailed history of Hepburn shipping in Prince Edward County, a more general look at various merchant ships worldwide, and our Quinte (Lake Ontario) regional page.

The following list is by alphabetical name of the ship:

ALEXANDRIA (Steam paddle of 863 tons), 1884, Picton Re-registry no 5 of 1901, A.W. Heburn.
C. GEARING (Schooner of 106 tons, Picton Registry # 32)
DELAWARE ex-David Andrews re-built Oswego 1880.
EMPRESS OF INDIA (Paddlewheel of 579 tons, Picton Registry, renamed the Argyle 1899)
Frontenac (Schooner of 138 tons, Picton Registry # 5)
GERONIA (Steamer of 2105 tons), A.W. Hepburn, Ontario and Quebec Navigation Co., 1911.
H.J. Jones (Schooner of 74 tons, Picton Registry # 22)
H.N. Todman (Schooner of 135 tons, Picton Registry # 19)
Huron (Schooner of 234 tons, Picton Registry # 48)
India (Barge of 117 tons, Picton Registry # 7)
J.W. LANGMUIR (Schooner of 116 tons, Picton Registry # 13), rebuilt Picton 1865, ex-PRINCE OF WALES (1842), HANNAH (1844)
Jessie Mcdonald (Schooner of 84 tons, Picton Registry # 14)
JOHN WESLEY (Schooner of 40 tons, Picton Registry # 31)
MAGGIE HUNTER (schooner, ex-John S. Clark) - lost near Main Duck, September 1876.
Morning Star (Schooner of 64 tons, Picton Registry # 29)
New Dominion (Schooner of 220 tons, Picton Registry # 23)
Newcastle (Schooner of 75 tons, Picton Registry # 33)
NIAGARA (Schooner of 220 tons, Picton Registry # 43) - this schooner was built by Tait.
NIAGARA (steamer), ex-Druid - the is the passenger steamer operated by A.W. Hepburn interests.
NORWAY (3-masted schooner), foundered, recovered at Main Duck, November 1880
Ontario (Schooner of 79 tons, Picton Registry # 25)
Orion (Schooner of 166 tons, Picton Registry # 4)
PHOENIX (Schooner of 121 tons, Picton Registry # 2), built Athol, Prince Edward County, 1852.
PICTON (Schooner of 160 tons, Picton Registry # 21), built Picton, 1867. Detailed file.
    PICTON (Schooner) - Oswego Daily Times press report of a bad weather incident, 1879.
    PICTON (Schooner) - Syracuse Herald press report of her loss, 1900.
    PICTON (Schooner) - Belleville Intelligencer press report of her loss, 3 July 1900.
Primrose (Schooner of 29 tons, Picton Registry # 1)
Prince Edward (Schooner of 123 tons, Picton Registry # 17)
Quail (Steamer of 34 tons, Picton Registry # 36)
Red Rover (Schooner of 51 tons, Picton Registry # 9)
RICKARTON (Schooner-barge of 1114 tons), Picton Registry no. 3 of 1912.
ROBERT McDONALD (Schooner-barge of 52 tons, Picton Registry), re-built from the PARTHENON, Picton 1890.
S. & A. Collier (Schooner of 150 tons, Picton Registry # 39)
SHANNON ex-GREENWAY (Steamer of 39 tons, Picton Registry # 47 of 1874s
Speedwell (Schooner of 181 tons, Picton Registry # 3-1875)
St. Clair*** (Schooner of 142 tons, Picton Registry # 1-1875)
Twilight (Schooner of 173 tons, Picton Registry # 42)
Utica*** (Propeller of 39 tons, Picton Registry # 1-1875?)
William Elgin (Schooner of 156 tons, Picton Registry # 37)

This list will be completed as expeditiously as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us for additions (and possible corrections), we will use our best endeavours to proritize any specific requests.

A reminder that C.H.J. Snider Schooner Days articles contain multipe references to Great Lakes and local ships and shipping.


Picton built/operated ships

The research and preparation of many of these sheets was carried out by K.C. We extend our thanks to him.

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