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The schooner Jessie McDonald (1866)


Port of Picton Registry, Number 14 :

Name: JESSIE McDONALDType: Schooner
Official Number: 71210Tons: 84
Where Built: WellingtonWhere she belongs: Picton
Build Year: 1866Value:
Builders name & date of certificate: David Tait
Master’s Name:
Length: 77 feet & 1/10thBreadth: 18 Feet & 1/10th.
Depth of Hold: 7 Feet & 7/10ths.Masts: Two
Stern: SquareBowsprit: Standing
How Built: CarvelHow Rigged: Fore & Aft Schooner
Figure-head: noneDecks: One
Subscribing Owners: John Saunders, Kingston



Schooner Jessie McDonald

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  1. Subscribing Owners: [Note: complicated by a forced sale after mortgage default.] Horatio Todman & Wm. Clemonson sold to Walter Russ & Donald Campbell, dated March 12, 1869, who sold to Edward Sanders, dated March 24, 1875 who sold to Wm. Nickel, dated February 17, 1877.
  2. Master’s Name: J. Pink (Geo. Findlay, April 15, 1874)

Newspaper transcriptions

  1. [Dubious, may have been recovered?] Oswego Nov 8, 1869 : McDONALD, JESSIE Schooner, cargo peas, sunk on Lake Ontario; a total loss. Marine Disasters on the Western Lakes during 1869, Capt. J.W. Hall
  2. Spetember 1, 1869 : McDONALD, JESSIE, Schooner, lost foremast on Lake Michigan. Marine Disasters on the Western Lakes during 1869, Capt. J.W. Hall
  3. Daily News (Kingston, ON), Feb. 2, 1877 : Sale of Vessel - In pursuance of power of sail contained in a mortgage from David Lewers and George Finlay to William Nickle, dated 3rd January, 1874, there will be sold by Public Auction, on the deck of the vessel Jessie McDonald, now lying at the dock at the foot of Earl Street, on Wednesday, the seventh day of February instant, at 10 o'clock a.m., the said vessel or schooner Jessie McDonald, of Picton, together with all the appurtenances. For further information and condition of sale apply to Kirkpatrick & Rogers, Vendor's Solicitors.
  4. British Whig (Kingston, ON), Aug. 25, 1880 : The Portsmouth Outrage - Yesterday Thomas Nicholson, charged with being a participant in the outrage committed upon the cook of the schooner Jessie McDonald, at Portsmouth, some days ago, was brought before the judge.
  5. Kingston Whig-Standard, September 8, 1880 : The schooner JESSIE McDONALD has been hauled out on the Marine Railway for repairs. She will have new ceilings, new timbers and bilges put in her. The cost will be about $1,000.
  6. British Whig (Kingston, ON), March 12, 1881 : The schooners Katie Eccles, Jessie McDonald, Caledonia, and Mary Taylor are at Brighton. There are no changes from last year except that the Jessie McDonald has been bought in Toronto.
  7. Daily British Whig, Kingston, May 28, 1890 Steamer NORSEMAN ran into the schooner JESSIE McDONALD at Charlotte Sunday, carrying away her forerigging. A hole was stove in the NORSEMAN's side.
  8. British Whig (Kingston, ON), Sept. 2, 1884 : On Thursday last the tug McArthur started with the schr. Jessie Drummond, coal laden, for Toronto. When off South Bay a gale arose, causing the schooner to ship considerable water. The tug ran into the bay for shelter, and there remained until Friday afternoon, when she put out again but could not face the gale still blowing. She returned to the bay, and left late the same night. Near Cobourg it began to blow and the boats ran into that port. They left on Sunday morning at 6:30 and arrived in Toronto yesterday morning at 7 o'clock.
  9. "Schooner Days" no. CLX (160); Tarry Breeks & Tartan Topsails, 3 Nov 1934.
  10. "Schooner Days" no. DCXIX (619); Junior League Of The Gay Nineties, 4 Dec 1943.
  11. "Schooner Days" no. DCCXLV (745); End Of the Agnes Hope, 25 May 1946.
  12. "Schooner Days" no. CMXXIII (923); Straw That Bent the Camel's Back, 29 Oct 1949.

References and source notes

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(5-12) Maritime History of the Great Lakes (Walter Lewis)
(13-16) Naval Marine Archive, C.H.J Snider Schooner Days transcripts

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