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The schooner RAINBOW (1866)


1.  Port of Picton Registry, Number 15 :
Name: RAINBOWType: Scooner
Official Number: 71091Tons: 45
Where Built: PictonPort of Registry / Hail: Picton
When built: May 1866Value:
Builder’s Name & Date of Certification: John Shelton.
Master’s Name: James Atkins
Length: 59 feetBreadth: 16 feet
Depth of Hold: 5 feet & 8 inchesMasts: Two
Stern: SquareBowsprit: Standing
How Built: CarvelHow Rigged: Fore & Aft Schooner
Figure-head: None Decks: One
Subscribing Owners: James Atkins of Picton sole Owner. Sold to James Wilson, a mill owner of Picton. Dated October 9, 1868.




Schooner Rainbow

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  1. 1868: October 9, Owned by James C. Wilson, Picton, Ontario.
    1873: Repaired.
    1875: Rebuilt?
    1878: Owned by D. Foster, Belleville, Ontario.
    1879: Owned by James Brown, Picton.
    1881: Rebuilt.
    1883: Owner by Duetta & Son, Belleville, scow stern repairing, 48 tons.
    1884: Repaired.
    1886: Owned by John Thompson, Belleville.
    1889: Repaired.
    1892: Same owner, River & Bay only.
    1897: Not Listed.
  2. Official Number: 71091; Name of Ship: RAINBOW; Port of Registry: Belleville; Rig: Schooner; Build Year: 1875 [SIC] (See 2. above); Where Built: Picton; How Propelled: Sails Dimensions: 60’; Length X 16’Breadth X 5’ Depth.; Registered Tonnage: 49; Owner or Managing Owner: John Thompson, Belleville, Ont.

Newspaper transcriptions

  1. Kingston Daily News October 1, 1868 p. 3 ARRIVALS: Schr, RAINBOW, Oswego, light.
  2. Daily News June 18, 1869 p. 2 Shipping News: Unloading Henderson’s wharf: … and the schooner RAINBOW, from Picton, with 3,000 bushels of wheat.
  3. Kingston Daily British Whig November 23 1870 p. 2 SPRUNG A LEAK: Schooner RAINBOW sprang a leak near the Ducks, now on ways for repairs.
  4. Daily News November 23, 1870 p. 2 Shipping News: The schooner RAINBOW, from Picton to Oswego with barley, sprung a leak off the Ducks on Sunday and ran into this port on Monday. She discharged her cargo the same night and yesterday went on the Marine Railway for repairs. About 200 bushels of the cargo are damaged.
  5. Daily News August 27 1872 p. 2 Marine News: Port Colborne: At elevator, schr. RAINBOW
  6. Daily News August 28, 1872 p. 2 Marine News Port Colborne, Aug 27th; Up: Schr RAINBOW, Port Colborne, Erie, light.
  7. Daily News September 21, 1872 p. 2 Marine News: Port Colborne: Discharged at elevators: Schr, RAINBOW.
  8. Daily News September 24 1872 p. 1 Marine News: Port Colborne: Up; schr. RAINBOW
  9. Kingston British Whig December 2, 1872 p. 2 ACCIDENT: Schooner RAINBOW lost mainmast and fore-topmast in gale.
  10. Daily News December 7, 1872 p. 2 Our Harbour: Schr. RAINBOW, Oswego, I. Simpson with 1,500 bushels of corn.
  11. Daily News December 16, 1872 p. 2 In The Harbour & Vicinity: vessel, RAINBOW.
  12. Daily News April 29, 1873 p. 2 Marine News: Belleville Custom House; Inward: Schooner RAINBOW, from Kingston with 2,850 bushels of corn for H. Corby.
  13. Daily News May 17, 1873p.2 Marine News: Port Colborne, May 16th: Up: RAINBOW.
  14. Daily British Whig April 14, 1875 p. 2 The Spring of 1875, Some Idea of Kingston’s Marine Status: (including Portsmouth, Amherst Island, Bath, Wolfe island, Garden Island), and CollinsBy, Schooner RAINBOW
  15. Daily News December 7, 1878 p. 3 Marine News: The following schooners have gone into winter quarters in Picton Harbour; KATE, Oakville, E.HALL of Port Darlington, ST. CLAIR of Picton, J.N. CARTER of Picton, PEERLESS of Hamilton, EDITH of Hamilton, RAINBOW, of Picton, BELLE CASE of Milford. The steamers PICTON and ALEXANDRIA have gone into winter quarters here.
  16. Kingston Whig-Standard Tuesday October 5, 1880: The RAINBOW of Belleville, left the Queen St. wharf last night with about 25,000 feet of maple lumber for Mill Point. When opposite the Penitentiary the swells caused the vessel to leak. She was headed for Kingston again. Shortly after receiving the slip at the foot of Queen Street, she sank and now rests on the bottom. The vessel will be taken to the shipyard to be repaired and caulked. Captain McCormack is in command
  17. Kingston Whig-Standard Tuesday October 12, 1880: The sloop RAINBOW has been raised, recaulked, and is now loading lumber for Rathbun & Son.
  18. British Whig December 10, 1881 p. 3 Vessels Laid Up; South Bay, Schr RAINBOW, owned there.
  19. British Whig September 10, 1883 p. 2 Marine News: The schr. RAINBOW, lumber-laden, arrived from Oswego from Kingston in a water-logged condition. The tug NAVAGH picked her up.
  20. British Whig July 9, 1884 p. 3 Marine Intelligence: During the storm on Saturday, the schr RAINBOW, while loading straw at George J. Whattams dock, South Bay, was struck by lightning. It broke off her main topmast and following down the spar, set fire to the cargo. The craft was nearly burned and was only saved by being scuttled. The vessel was owned by J & F Duetta. The damage to the boat is unknown as yet
  21. British Whig November 17 1884 p. 3 Marine Intelligence: The schooners JENNIE and RAINBOW arrived yesterday from Oswego and South Bay with 3,000 barrels of apples, consigned to Ottawa. The consignment goes by the K & P.R.R.
  22. British Whig May 1, 1885 p.3 Marine Intelligence: The schr RAINBOW has reached port from South Bay, light.
  23. British Whig May 14, 1885 p. 3 Marine Intelligence: The schr. RAINBOW of Deseronto, laden with lumber and wood, has arrived at Rathbun’s.
  24. British Whig June 5, 1885 p. 3 Marine Intelligence: The RAINBOW, with lumber, lay in the harbour this morning.
  25. Daily News July 11, 1885 p. 1 Floating Facts: The sloop, RAINBOW, discharged a cargo of bunchwood at the Groveyard yesterday.
  26. British Whig May 10, 1887 p. 8 Marine Paragraphs: The RAINBOW and LAURA D. have cleared for Three Mile Bay with lumber, lath, and shingles.
  27. British Whig December 4 1888 p. 8 Marine Intelligence: Vessels wintered at Belleville: Schrs, RAINBOW.
  28. British Whig August 2, 1889 p. 1 Marine Intelligence: The schr. RAINBOW, from Deseronto with lumber, arrived last evening.
  29. British Whig December 4 1889 p. 1 Marine Intelligence: Schr RAINBOW gone into winter quarters at Belleville.
  30. British Whig March 28, 1890 p. 1 Early Navigation Notes: Laid Up in Bellveille: RAINBOW.
  31. British Whig October 8, 1890 p. 1 Marine Intelligence: CLEARANCES: MABEL and RAINBOW, Deseronto, light.
  32. British Whig December 1, 1890 p. 1 Marine Intelligence: Following craft laid up at Belleville; schooner RAINBOW
  33. British Whig April 7 1891: Schooners in Belleville Harbour: At present, RAINBOW, KATE, BULLOCK, DELAWARE, FREEMAN, BRITISH QUEEN, RESTLESS.
  34. British Whig April 30, 1892 p. 1 Marine Intelligence: ARRIVALS: RAINBOW, Trenton, lumber.
  35. British Whig May 14, 1892 p. 1 Marine Intelligence: ARRIVALS: schr RAINBOW, Trenton, lumber.
  36. British Whig May 31, 1893 1 Marine Intelligence: ARRIVALS: sloop RAINBOW, Belleville, barley.

References and source notes

(1) Picton Register 1851-1882.
(2) Online University of Michigan Library, Great Lakes Maritime DataBase.
(3) Sessional Papers; Dept. of Marine, Ottawa. 1887, Page 307.
(4-39) Newspaper transcriptions, contributions made by Mr. Rick Nielson of Kingston, and Mr. William McNeil of Toronto. Sources: Online Marine History of the Great Lakes; Naval Marine Archive, Willis Metcalfe fonds.

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