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The schooner Red Rover (1856)


Port of Picton Registry, Number 9 for 1863

Name: RED ROVERType: Schooner
Official Number: Tons: 51
Where Built: BathWhere she belongs: Picton
Build Year: 1856Value:
Builders name & date of certificate: Left the Province, could not be obtained
Master’s Name: S.Byrnes
Length: 60 feetBreadth: 19 feet
Depth of Hold: 6 feetMasts: Two
Stern: SquareBowsprit: Standing
How Built: CarvelHow Rigged: Fore & Aft
Figure-head: NoneDecks: One
Subscribing Owners: Daniel S. Murney of Marysburg a trader sole owner


Surveyed by : J. McCarroll, Surveyor of Cusoms, Toronto.

Prince Edward

Schooner Prince Edward

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Notes and newspaper transcriptions

  1. The schooner Red Rover was chronologally the ninth vessel registered in Prince Edward County, but the Registry is clear as "No 1 for 1867."
  2. The early history of this schooner is elusive.
  3. The Red Rover apparently underwent "major repairs" in 1863. Ownership after that is found in the Registry : Daniel S. Murney of Marysburg, trader, sole owner ; mortgaged to George White of Marysburg dated 7 Aug. 1864 ; who sold to Isaac Noble, wood merchant of Kingston, dated 9 June 1865 ; who sold to Wm. Ryan of Wolfe Island dated 8 Jan. 1866 ; who sold to David Grey of Kingston 2 July 1867. On the very same day the Regstry goes through a number of contracts, suggesting they could have been finalized in the preceding weeks, ending up with Thomas Dunn, grocer, and John Dunn, inn-keeper, both of Kingston as being co-owners with 32 shares each..
  4. Daily British Whig (Kingston, ON), 17 Aug 1868 : A Loaded Schooner Without a Crew – sch. Red Rover found off Presque Isle by sch. Marie Annette, loaded with cordwood but no sign of crew.


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