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Virtual Victory Kids: Program

virtual kids program

For over a decade, starting in 2008, the Victory Kids summer program took place on Saturday mornings for children aged 7-11. The program typically ran for 5-6 weeks, each session 2-3 hours long. Each week covered a different topic, like discovering what it was like to be a pirate or investigating famous shipwrecks and the importance of lighthouses, equipping young people with knowledge while they were getting the chance to show their creative side through fun and educational crafts and activities. The participants were proud of their accomplishments and shared with their parents the acquired knowledge about Vikings, Sailing ships, First Nations, and more!

learning sextant

Learning the use of a sextant

The summer 2022 Virtual Victory Kids program, presented thanks to funding received from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, was a success! Vikings, Navigation, Marine Life, Great Lakes, Knotting, Indigenous, Flags, and Lighthouses content was delivered between June 20th, 2022 and August 14th, 2022. Content these for 8 modules, including videos, crafts, and worksheets, is available on our website.


The Naval Marine Archive - The Canadian Collection's mission is to create for people of all backgrounds the most comprehensive Canadian centre for knowledge and archival research in maritime and aeronautical history. This treasure of information is based on the holdings in the collections and is shared by those who visit in person but also on-line. The Virtual Victory Kids program uses this solid base to create a new avenue of accessibility and also inviting experts to share their knowledge and skills expanding the experience and information for the young people. We cannot wait to see what 2022/2023 brings to this program!


Directed by S. Johnson; Assisted by S. Barnes


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