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More references to the County may be found in books referring to:


Title Author Publisher ISBN Year Edition
Canadian Handbook and Tourist Guide 1867(ed)Longmoore, Montreal 18671971
Canalboat primer(ed)Canal Museum, Syracuse 19661
Early stories of the Great Lakes(ed)Century Co 1893facs 1981
Great Lakes, Environmental Atlas and Resource book(ed)Environment Canada0-662-15189-519871
Historical sketches of the County of Elgin(ed)Elgin historical and scientific institute 18951
Seaway Maritime Directory(ed)Fourth Seacoast Publishing Co 19756
Tall Ships, The(ed)Core Media Inc 19841
The Toronto Almanac and Royal Calendar of Upper Canada for 1839(ed)The Palladium Office 18391
Yachtsman's Guide to the Great Lakes(ed)Seaway Publishing 19971
Toronto Old and NewAdam, G MercerThe Mail Printing Company 18911
Lakers, Ghost Ships of the Great LakesAltobello, Peter DavidEden Press1-55045-002-619881
Thunder Bay District 1821-1892Arthur, ElizabethUniversity of Toronto Press0-8020-0179-319731
These are the Great LakesAult, PhilDodd, Mead and Co.0-396-06607-019721
Shipping Literature of the Great LakesBarnett, Le RoyMichigan State University Press0-87013-317-919901
Lore and Legends of Long PointBarrett, Harry BBurns and MacEachern0-887168-075-519771
Ships of the Great LakesBarry, James PHowell-North Books0-8310-7105-219731
Fate of the Lakes, theBarry, James P.Baker Book House0-8010-0587-619721972
Wrecks and Rescues of the Great LakesBarry, James P.Howell-North Books0-8310-7149-419811
Freighters of Fortune - The storry of the Great LakesBeasley, NormanHarper and Brothers, NY 19301
Pride of the Inland Seas: an illustrated history of the port of Dulluth - SuperiorBeck, Bill and Labadie, C. PatrickAfton Historical Society Press1-890434-55-820041
Diaries from the Days of SailBell, R.C.Holt, Rinehart and Winston0-03-012941-919741
Niagara : a history of the fallsBerton, PierreMcClelland and Stewart0-7710-1221-719921
Fishing the Great LakesBogue, Margaret BeattieUniversity of Wisconsin Press0-299-16764-X20001
History of Scarborough, ABonis, Robert R.Scarborough Public Library 19681
Chicago of the North : a history of Port McNicollBourrie, MarkPort McNicoll Historical Society0-9697828-0-219931
Lore of the LakesBowen, Dana ThomasEdward Brothers40-3330919406
Memories of the LakesBowen, Dana ThomasFreshwater Press Inc. 19463
Shipwrecks of the LakesBowen, Dana ThomasFreshwater Press Inc. 19527
Ghost ships of the Great LakesBoyer, DwightDodd, Mead and Co.68-2309419681
Great Stories of the Great LakesBoyer, DwightDodd, Mead 19661
Ships and Men of the Great LakesBoyer, DwightDodd, Mead and Co.0-396-07446-419771
Strange adventures of the Great LakesBoyer, DwightDodd, Mead0-396-06906-719741
True Tales of the Great LakesBoyer, DwightDodd, Mead0-396-06372-119711
Boardwalk Album, TheBoyerm BarbaranneBoston Mills Press0-919783-11-219851
In the teeth of the northeasterBree, MarlinClarkson N. Potter Inc0-517-56449=119881
Story of Oakville Harbour, The Brimacombe, PhilipBoston Mills Press/Oakville Historical Society0-919822-98-319751
White HurricaneBrown, David G.International Marine0-07-138037-X20021
St Lawrence River, TheBrowne, George WaldoWeathervane Books, NY76-138019051976
Small craft guide - Trent-Servern WaterwayBruce, J (ed)Department of Fisheries and Oceans0-660-13143-919897th
Ships and the seawayBullock, F.J.J.M. Dent, Toronto 19591
Commercial Navigation, on the Rideau Canal, 1832-1961Bush, Edward ForbesHistory and Archaeology 19811
Saga of the Saint Lawrence, ACalvin, D.D.Ryerson Press, Toronto 19451
Early days on the Great Lakes - the art of William ArmstrongCampbell, Henry CMcClelland and Stewart0-7710-1887-819711
Catalogue of Nautical Charts Great LakesCanadian Hydrographic OfficeDepartment of Fisheries and Oceans 1992 
Welland Canal, TheCarter, DeWittReview Co. of Port Erie Ltd. 19601
Emigration: the advantages of emigration to CanadaCattermole, WilliamSimpkin and Marshall, Ipswich 18311970
St Lawrence Seaway, TheChevrier, LionelMacMillan Co of Canada 19591
A Review of the changes in the Fish Species Composition of Lake OntarioChristie, W.J.Great Lakes Fishery Commision, Michigan 19731
At the Mouth of the CreditClarkson, BettyBoston Mills Press0-919822-16-919771988
Correspondence of Lieut Governor John Graves Simcoe (The Simcoe Papers), Vol 1Cruikshank, E.A. (ed)Ontario Historical Society 19231
Correspondence of Lieut Governor John Graves Simcoe (The Simcoe Papers), Vol 2Cruikshank, E.A. (ed)Ontario Historical Society 19231
Correspondence of Lieut Governor John Graves Simcoe (The Simcoe Papers), Vol 3Cruikshank, E.A. (ed)Ontario Historical Society 19231
Correspondence of Lieut Governor John Graves Simcoe (The Simcoe Papers), Vol 4Cruikshank, E.A. (ed)Ontario Historical Society 19231
Correspondence of Lieut Governor John Graves Simcoe (The Simcoe Papers), Vol 5 supplementaryCruikshank, E.A. (ed)Ontario Historical Society 19311
United Empire Loyalist settlements between Kingston and Adolphustown (Queen's Bulletin #45)Cumberland, R.W.Queens University 19231
Into the BlueCurtis, AndreaRandom House Canada0-679-31135-120031
FreshwaterCuthbertson, George A.Macmillan 19311
Wind, Water Rock and Sky a Story of Cognashene, Georgian BayDavid, Jennifer (ed)Cognashene Book Co.0-9681895-0-419971
Quebec - Historic Seaportde la Roche, MazoDoubleday, Doran andCo 19441
City of Toronto Archives, TheDepartment of the City ClerkMarket Gallery Exhibition 19861
On a Sunday Afternoon, Classic Boats on the Rideau CanalDewar, Douglas, Turner, Potter, Herwig, PhelanBoston Mills Press1-55046-026-919891
Terrifying Steamboat TalesDonahue, James    
Schooners in PerilDonahue, James L.Anchor Publications0-9626947-2-x19951
Anthology and Bibliography of Niagara Falls, Vol 1Dow, Charles MasonJ.B. Lyon, Albany, NY 19211
Anthology and Bibliography of Niagara Falls, Vol 2Dow, Charles MasonJ.B. Lyon, Albany, NY 19211
Lakers of World War I, TheDowling, Rev Edward JUniversity of Detroit Press 19671
Great Lakes Maritime History: Bibliography and sources of informationFeltner, Charles E. et al SeaJay Publications0-9609014-0-x19821
Story of the New York State CanalsFinch, Roy G.State of New York 1925?
Old shipping days in OswegoFinn, J. LeoOswego County Board of Supervisors 19701
Town of York 1793 - 1815, The Firth, Edith GUniversity of Toronto Press 19621
Town of York 1815 - 1834, The Firth, Edith GUniversity of Toronto Press 19661
Proceedings of the First Convention 1895Flower, Frank AbialInternational Deep Waterways Assoc. 18951
Les Goelettes a voile du Saint-LaurentFranck, AlainMusee Maritime Bernier2-9800323-0-119841
Naviguer sur le Fleuve au Temps PasséFranck, AlainLes publications du Québec2-551-18151-820001
Sixteenth Report of the Department of Archives for the Province of Ontario, 1920Fraser, Alexander Clarkson W. James King's Printer 1921 
Quebec 'twixt old and newGale, GeorgeTelegraph Printing Co 19151
Beautiful 1000 Islands, TheGananoque Boat LineGananoque Boat Line 19751
Ariadne's Death : Tales of Heroism and Tragedy on Lake OntarioGately, Susan Peterson  20061
Passages : On Inland WatersGately, Susan PetersonWhiskey Hill Press, Wolcott0-9646149-2-820041
Land Policies of Upper CanadaGates, Lillian F. University of Toronto Press 19681
Canadian Mississippi RiverGeddes, HildaGSPH0-919431-62-319921
Bay of Quinte Route to the Thousand IslandsGildersleeve et alLake Ontario and Bay of Quinte Steamboat Co Ltd 19201?
Ships along the Seaway, Gillham, SkipStonehouse Publications 19711
Ships along the Seaway, Volume fourGillham, SkipStonehouse Publications0-919549-13-619861
Ships of Port Weller, TheGillham, SkipRiverbank Traders 19921
Ten more Tales of the Great LakesGillham, SkipStonehouse Publications0-919549-18-719891
Ten tales of the Great LakesGillham, SkipStonehouse Publications, St Catherines,  19831
Canadian Fleets along the SeawayGillham, Skip and Sagon-King, AlfredStonehouse Publications, St Catherines, 0-919549-19-519891
Changing Seaway, TheGillham, Skip and Sagon-King, AlfredStonehouse Publications, St Catherines, 0-919549-12-819851
Pulp and Paper FleetGillham, Skip and Sykes, AlStonehouse Publications, St Catherines, 0-919549-15-219881
Life in OntarioGlazebrook, G.P. de T.University of Toronto Press0-8020-6116-819711975
Life in OntarioGlazebrook, G.P. DeT. University of Toronto Press8020-1513-119681
Corner of Empire, AGlover, TR and Calvin, DDCambridge University Press 19371
Lights on the St. LawrenceGogo, Jean L. edCaxton Printers  19581
Round the IslandsGould, Capt. Dud, retdprivate 19291
Nonsuch, Hudson's Bay Company replicaGreenhill, Basil an Villiers, AlanHBC 19691
Namesakes 1910-1919Greenwood, John OFreshwater Press0-912514-31-019861
Namesakes 1920-1929Greenwood, John OFreshwater Press0-912514-27-219841
Namesakes 1930-1955Greenwood, John OFreshwater Press 19781
Namesakes 1956-1980Greenwood, John OFreshwater Press 19811
Namesakes of the 80's Volume IIGreenwood, John OFreshwater Press0-912514-28-019841
Namesakes of the LakesGreenwood, John OFreshwater Press 19701985/3imp
Lake Boats '98 : Greenwood and Dill'sGreenwood, John O. and Dills, Michael J. (eds)Freshwater Press inc 19981
Pioneer Travel in Upper CanadaGuillet, Edwin C.UofT Press8020-6052-819331963
Flotsam, jetsam and LaganHall, Capt ErnieCornell MaritimePress65-2076719651
Travels in Canada, and The United States, in 1816 and 1817.Hall, Lieut. FrancisLongman, Hurst, etc London 18181
Great Lakes, A Pictorial History ofHatcher and Walter, Harlan and Erich A.Bonanza Books63-102681963 
Great Lakes, TheHatcher, HarlanOxford University Press 19441
Great Lakes Reader, the Havighurst, WalterCollier MacMillan Publishers0-02-080540-319661978
Long ships passing, TheHavighurst, WalterMacmillan 19421/7th
Long ships passing, TheHavighurst, WalterMacmillan 19421/5th
Directory of shipwrecks of the Great LakesHeden, Karl EBruce Humphries66-1592219661
This year come to OntarioHele, C.C.Toursit and Publicity Bureau, Toronto 19311
St Lawrece SeawayHills, TLPraeger59-1271819592imp 1960
Water and free tradeHolm, Wendy (ed)James Lorimer and Co1-55028-166-619881
Kingston a century agoHorsey, Edwin EKingston Historical Society 19381
A History of Simcoe County, Vol IHunter, Andrew F. Simcoe County Council 19091
A History of Simcoe County, Vol IIHunter, Andrew F. Simcoe County Council 19091
Hunter's Panoramic Guide from Niagara to QuebecHunter, W.S.J.P. Jewett, Boston and Cleveland 1857facs1970
Welland Canals and their CommunitiesJackson, John N.University of Toronto Press0-8020-0933-619971
River Song, Sailing the History of the St. LawrenceJenkins, PhilPenguin / Viking0-670-88009-420011
The Head of the Lake, A History of Wentworh CountyJohnston, C.M. Wentworth County Council 19581
St. Lawrence SeawayJudson, Clara IngramFollett Publishing 19591964, revised ed
Niagara Escarpment, The Keough, Pat and RosemaryStoddart0-7737-2414-119901
Problem of the upper St Lawrence (Queen's Bulletin #57)King, Francis, KCQueens University 19291
Historic KingstonKingston Historical SocietyKingston Historical Society 19781
Annals of NiagaraKirby, William Macmillan 18961927
Postcard views of GoderichLACAC (ed)LACAC Goderich0-9695643-1-719951
Lake Huron, American Lake SeriesLandon, FredBobbs-Merrill Company, Inc 19431
World's Great Lakes, TheLane, Ferdinand CDoubleday 19481
Montreal - seaport and cityLeacock, StephenDoubleday and Co 19421
Rideau WaterwayLegget, RobertUniversity of Toronto 19551964
Seaway, TheLegget, RobertClarke, Irwin and Co0-7720-1270-919791
Know Your Ships 1999LeLievre, RogerMarine Publishing Company1-891849-01-819911
Know Your Ships 2001LeLievre, RogerMarine Publishing Company1-891849-04-220011
Cargo Carriers of the Great Lakes (Lake Carriers)Lesstrang, JacquesAmerican Legacy Press0-517-35062-919771981
Great Lakes Ports of North America, The LesStrang, JacquesLesStrang Publishing Corp 19731
Seaway The Untold Story of North America's Fourth SeacoastLesstrang, JacquesSalisbury Press, Superior Publishing, 0-87564-216-019761
Fresh Water, A Journal of Great lakes Marine HistoryLewis, ed, Walter Maritime Museum 19861
Memories of Cayuga- Ontario's Love BoatLidgold, Carole M.Brookridge Publishing House0-9698244-2-419951
In The Days of the Canada Company, Settlement of the Huron Tract 1825-1850 Lizars, Robina and Kathleen Macfarlane William Briggs 18961972
Pigboat – the story of whalebacksLydecker, RickHead of the Lakes Maritime Society, Ltd 19811
Proposed St Lawrence shipway (Queen's Bulletin #58)MacGibbon, D.A.Queens University 19291
The First 50 Years : A History of the Upper Lakes Shipping, Ltd.Macht, WallyVirgo Press0-920528-43-019811
Six-Nations Indians, TheMackenzie, James BovellHunter, Rose Company, Toronto 18961
Fate of the Griffon, TheMacLean, Harrison JohnGriffin House, toronto0-88760-069-919741
Blue-water boundaryMalkus, AlidaHastings House59-1455219601
Know your ships US and Canadian LocksManse, ThomasMarine Publishing Co 198829th
History of the Great Lakes Volume 1Mansfield, J.B.J.H. Beers and Co 18991999
History of the Great Lakes Volume 2Mansfield, J.B.J.H. Beers and Co 18991999
Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry 1945-1978Marin, Clive and FrancesMika0-919303-63-319821
Marine search and Rescue in Great Lakes AreaMarine Operations BranchDept. of Transportcat.#T1-26519651
Treasure ShipsMaritime Research and Publishing CompanyMaritime Research and Publishing Company0-939362-81-319821
HomesteadsMcBurney, Margaret and Byers, MaryUniversity of Toronto Press0-8020-2357-619791
River District Bicentennial Photo collectionMcNabb, Gareth (ed)Marine City Rotary Club 19721
Cargoes on the Great LakesMcPhedran, MarieMacMillan Company 19521
Welland Canals, TheMelvin, David Skene, Ed.Historical Planning and Research Branch, Ontario Ministry of Culture and Recreation0-7743-3238-719791
Welland Canals, TheMichelle GreenwaldOntario ministry of culture and recreation0-7743-3238-719711
Ship Number 22Miller and Leaver, Orlo and FredManleys Ltd 19751
Our inland seas - their shipping and their commerce for three centuriesMills, James CA.C. McClurg and Co 19101976
Great Lakes/seaway, TheMisener, R.S. (chairman) 0-7743-6191-319811
A Brief Review of the Settlement of Upper CanadaM'Leod, D. Mika Silk Screening Ltd 1972 
Life in the ClearingsMoodie, SusannaMacMillan Co of Canada 18531959
Diverting History of a Loyalist Town, TheMowat, Grace HelenBrrunswick Press 19321953
Canal Regulations Governing the Use and Management of the Department of Transport Navigation Canals, St. Peters, Canso, St. Ours, Chambly, Ste. Anne, Carillon, Grenville, Rideau, Murray, Trentn/aQueen's Printer 19631
Seaway & Hydro Project: Illustrated Guiden/aGeller Publication Services 19591
St. Lawrence Seaway Pleasure Craft Guide, Then/aSt. Lawrence Seaway Authority 1991 
Tall Ships- Lake Ontario Tall Ships Rendezvous '84, Then/aCore Media Inc 19841
Lives and legends of the Christmas Tree shipsNeuschel, FredUniversity of Michigan Press0-472-11623-120071
Lake SuperiorNute, Grace LeeBobbs-Merrill 19441
Speedy JusticeO'Brien, BrendanOsgoode Society0-8020-2910-819921
Stormy SeasOleszewski, WesAvery Color Studios0-932212-67-019911
Historical Sketch, AnOntario Library AssociationUniversity of Toronto Press 19261
Conspiracy of Pontiac Vol 1, Part 10, TheParkman, FrancisLittle, Brown and Company 18701895
Conspiracy of Pontiac Vol 2, Part 11, TheParkman, FrancisLittle, Brown and Company 18701895
Count Frontenac and New France Under Louis XIV Part 5Parkman, FrancisLittle, Brown and Company 18771895
Half-Century of Conflict, A Vol 1 Part 6Parkman, FrancisLittle, Brown and Company 18921894
Half-Century of Conflict, A Vol 2 Part 6 (7?)Parkman, FrancisLittle, Brown and Company 18921894
Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Century, The, Part 2Parkman, FrancisLittle, Brown and Company 18671895
LaSalle and the Discovery of the Great West, Part 3Parkman, FrancisLittle, Brown and Company 18691895
Montcalm and Wolfe Vol 1, Part 7 (8?)Parkman, FrancisLittle, Brown and Company 18841895
Montcalm and Wolfe Vol 2 Part 7 (9?)Parkman, FrancisLittle, Brown and Company 18841895
Old Regime in Canada Under Louis XIV, The, Part 4Parkman, FrancisLittle, Brown and Company 18931895
Oregon Trail, Part 12, TheParkman, FrancisLittle, Brown and Company 18721895
Pioneers of France in the New World, Part 1Parkman, FrancisLittle, Brown and Company 18651895
Stories of the Great LakesParsons, EarlRob-Roy Graphic Arts 19631
Sinking of the I'm AlonePatton, JaniceMcClelland and Stewart Ltd0-7710-1377-919731
Great Lakes - St. Lawrence Ship Canal ProjectPatton, M.J.Ottawa 19211
Lake OntarioPound, ArthurBobbs-Merrill Co. 19451
Kingston before the War of 1812Preston, Richard AChamplain Society 19591
Royal Fort FrontenacPreston, Richard AChamplain Society 19581
Port Ryerse 1794 - 1994PRHEA (ed)Beck's printing Services0-9698443-0-119941
Good Years, TheProthero, FrankMika Belleville0-919302-76-919731
Tales of the North ShoreProthero, Frank and NancyNan-Sea Publications 19871
Lake Michigan, American Lake SeriesQuaife, Milo M, ed Quaife, Milo MBobbs-Merrill Co 19441
Nonsuch, TheRankin, LairdClarke, Irwin and Co0-7720-0731-419741
Canal Water and WhiskeyRapp, Marvin A.Twayne Publishers Inc.65-2236819651
Great Lakes Shipwrecks and SurvivalsRatigan, William Galahad Books0-88365-243-919601
Great Lakes Shipwrecks and Survivals (Edmund Fitzgerald edition)Ratigan, William William B. Eerdmans0-8028-7010-419601987
Ganaraska Watershed, TheRichardson, A. H. Dominion and Ontario Governments 19441
Orillia Spirit, TheRichmond, RandyDundurn Press1-55002-240-719961
Lake Pontchartrain, American Lake SeriesRoberts, W. Adolphe, ed Quaife, Milo MBobbs-Merrill Co 19461
Robertson's Landmarks of Toronto. A Collection of Historical Sketches of the Old Town of York From 1792 until 1833 and of Toronto from 1834 to 1895. Vol 1 (of 6)Robertson, J RossJ. Ross Robertson 18941
Landmarks of Toronto, Volume 1Robertson, John RossMika0-919302-04-818941976
Landmarks of Toronto, Volume 2Robertson, John RossMika0-921341-02-418961987
Landmarks of Toronto, Volume 3Robertson, John RossMika0-919302-73-418981974
Remembering the Ontario No. 1 and the Ontario No.2Roemer, LillianPrivate 19951
St Lawrence Islands National ParkRoss, DonDouglas and McIntyre0-88894-379-219331
L'Ile d'OrléansRoy, Pierre-GeorgesHistoric Monuments Commission, Quebec 19281
Old Manors, Old HousesRoy, Pierre-GeorgesHistoric Monuments Commission, Quebec 19271
Tobermory Shipwrecks, TheSalen, Rick and JackMariner Chart Shop 19761
Toronto of oldScadding, HenryOxford Universtity Press 18731966
Toronto of Old, Collections and RecollectionsScadding, Henry Adam Stevenson 18731st
Toronto of OldScadding, Henry DDAdam, Stevenson and Co 18731
Publications of the Buffalo Historic Society, vol XXIISeverance, Frank H.Buffalo Historic Society 19181
SchoonersShipley, RobertVanwell Publishing Limited0-920277-59-419911
Paddle WheelersShipley, Robert, & Addis, FredVanwell Publishing Limited0-920277-61-619911
PropellersShipley, Robert, & Addis, FredVanwell Publishing Limited0-920277-75-619921
SchoonersShipley, Robert, & Addis, FredVanwell Publishing Limited0-920277-59-419911
Wrecks and DisastersShipley, Robert, & Addis, FredVanwell Publishing Limited0-920277-77-219921
First Summer People, TheSmith, Susan WestonBoston Mills Press1-55046-037-419931
Annals of the Royal Canadian Yacht ClubSnider, C.H.J.Rous and Mann Ltd. 19371
Griffon,TheSnider, C.H.J.Rous and Mann Ltd. 19561
Tarry Breeks and Velvet GartersSnider, C.H.J.Ryerson Press 19581958
Bridging the borderStamp, Robert MDundurn Press1-55002-074-919921
Long Point - last port of callStone, Dave Boston Mills Press0-919783-59-719881
Great Swivel Link: Canada's Welland Canal, TheStyran, Roberta and Taylor, Robert R., EdChamplain Society0-9689317-0-720011
Red sails on the Great LakesSullivan, Pat MacMillan Company 19551
Canadians, The (The Old West)Tanner, OgdenTime-Life Books76-2684519771
Port Carling; the hub of the Muskoka LakesTatley, RichardBoston Mills Press1-55046-187-719961
Steamboat Era in the Muskokas - Volume 1Tatley, RichardBoston Mills Press0-919822-50-919831
Steamboat Era in the Muskokas - Volume IITatley, RichardBoston Mills Press0-919783-10-419831
Steamboating on the Trent-SevernTatley, RichardMika Publishing Company0-919303-24-219781
Trent Severn Waterway, TheTheberge, Clifford and ElaineSamuel Stevens0-88866-592-x19781
Lowell Thomas' story of the St. Lawrence SeawayThomas, LowellHenry Stewart, Incorporated Publishers 19571
Saint Lawrence SeawayThomas, LowellHenry Stewart58-705219571
Spadina - a story of old TorontoThompson, Austin SetonPagurian Press Ltd0-88932-004-719751
River's Edge : Reprobates, Rum-Runners and Other Folk of the Thousand IslandsThompson, ShawnGSPH0-919431-46-119911
Tales from the Great LakesTownsend (editor), Robert B.Dundurn Press1-55002-234-219951
Story of HMS Speedy, TheTownsend, Robert B.Odyssey Publishing0-9683798-0-x19981
Canadian CrusoesTraill, Catherine ParrMcClelland and Stewart 18501923
Shipwrecks of the Great LakesTumilty, Tomprivate 19711
Port Dalhousie,Shoes and Ships and Sealing WaxTurcotte, DorothyBoston Mills Press0-919783-58-919861
Sand strip Burlington / Hamilton Beaches, TheTurcotte, DorothyStonehouse Publications0-919549-14-419871
Inland Seas, The- A Journey through the Great LakesVasey, PaulChartwell Books, Inc.1-55521-179-819871
Northpart of America, TheVerner and Stuart-Stubbs, Coolie and BasilAcademic Press Canada 19791
Know your ships : the Seaway IssueVournakes, John (ed)Thomas Manse 19861
Sights and SurveysWelch, EdwinHistorical Society of Ottawa 19791
Cruising the Rideau Waterway Wells, Kenneth McNeilMcLelland and Stewart 19651965
Cruising the Trent-Severn Waterway Wells, Kenneth McNeillMcLelland and Stewart 19591964
TorontoWest, BruceDoubleday67-2382419671
Northland Ontario, the Williamson, OTGRyerson Press, Toronto 19461
Great Lakes Historic Ships Research ProjectWilson, Garth S.Marine Museum of the Great Lakes at Kingston 1989 
History of the Patricia Transportation Company Goldfields of Northwestern Ontario, AWish, JackJames Richardson0-9681207-0-919961
Once upon a CenturyWithrow, John (ed)J. H. Robinson 19781
Ontario's Parliament Buildings, 1792 - 1892Yeigh, Frank The Williamson Book Company 18931
Great Lakes SagaYoung, Anna G.Richardson, Bond and Wright Ltd 19651
Off WatchYoung, Anna G.Ryerson Press 19571


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