Some Titles referring to the Royal Canadian Navy

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Title Author Publisher ISBN Year
RCN in retrpspect, 1910-1968 Boutilier, Kames A (ed) University of British Columbia 0-7748-0152-2 1982
Wings for Victory Dunmore, Spencer McClelland and Stewart Inc. 0-7710-2927-6 1994
50 North Canada's Atlantic Battleground Easton, Alan The Ryerson Press   1963
Sea Wings Foster, J.A. Methuen and Sons 0-458-80410-x 1986
Heart of Oak Foster, J.A. Methuen 0-458-99230-5 1985
Sea Wings Foster, J.A. Methuen 0-458-80410-X 1986
Sea is at Our Gates, The German, Commander, Tony McClelland and Stewart Inc. 0-7710-3269-2 1990
HMCS North Bay Gunning, C private 0-9694721-4-5 1995
Canada in world affairs Keirstead, B.S. Oxford University Press   1956
Ships of Canada's Naval Forces 1910-1981, The Ken Macpherson, JohnBurgess Collins publishers 0-00-216856-1 1981
Gunshield Graffiti Lamb, James B Nimbus Publication Ltd 0-920852-27-0 1984
Corvette Navy, The Lamb, James B. MacMillan Co 0-7705-1578-9 1971
Canada, The foundations of its future Leacock, Stephen House of Seagram   1941
Gunshield Graffiti Lynch, Thomas Nimbus Publishing Ltd. 0-920852-27-0 1984
Survey of British Commonwealth Affairs - External Policy - 1931-1939 Mansbergh, Nicholas Oxford University Press   1951
Canada's Navy: the First Century Milner, Marc University of Toronto Press 0-8020-4281-3 1999
Running the Gauntlet Parker, Mike Nimbus Publication Ltd 1-55109-068-6 1994
Gumboot Navy, The Popp, Carol Oolichan Books 0-88982-091-0 1988
Saints, Devils and Ordinary Seamen Pugsley, William H Collins   1945
Sailor remember Pugsley, William H Collins   1948
Nene Lives - the story of HMCS Nene and her crew Riley (ed), Nenneth private   1990
It's really quite safe! Rotherham, Capt G.A .Hank Hangar Books 0-920497-07-1 1979
Haida Scalater, William Oxford University Press   1947
Far Distant Ships Schull, Joseph Canadian Dept of National Defense   1950
Haida Sclater, William Oxford University Press   1947
Hands to Flying Stations Volume 1 Soward, Stuart E Neptune Developments 0-9697229-0-7 1993
Hands to Flying Stations Volume 2 Soward, Stuart E Neptune Developments 0-9697229-1-5 1995
Naval Service of Canada, Volume 1 Tucker, Gilbert Norman Minister of National Defense   1952
Naval Service of Canada, Volume 1 Tucker, Gilbert Norman Minister of National Defense   1952
Canada and Sea Power West, Christopher McClelland and Stewart   1913
The Royal Canadian Naval College, Royal Roads, British Columbia        

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