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HMS Victory, model by Capt. Harry Clarke

HMS Victory and Nelson

This model of HMS Victory was made from the plans and details in "Anatomy of Nelson's Ships" by C. Nepean Longridge (Model and Allied Publications Ltd, UK, 1955) by Canada Steamship Lines' Captain Harry Clarke, who hailed from Picton, Prince Edward County. In 1965, he donated this model to The Prince Edward Collegiate Institute, who have recently modified their library facilities and donated HMS Victory to the Naval Marine Archive.



HMS Victory

HMS Victory (photo 2003, in our old premises)

The Society has accommodated the model as the centre-piece of a "Nelson and HMS Victory" collection, which includes this most important period in naval history, from the end of the American Revolution in 1783 to the end of the end of the War of 1812 and the Napoleonic era in 1815. Our new premises - the 1896 heritage Picton Customs House and Post Office - have been named "The Victory" to honour this model.

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While the primary aim of the Deed of Gift is to retain this model of HMS Victory in Prince Edward County, the Society, may at its discretion make the model available for display in other suitable locations. Please contact the Society.


This page, retained for historical purposes, was first published in 2004. The images are from our previous premises, and under our previous name:


Today, this particular model is the centrepiece of our ground floor exhibits; however, our model collection is too extensive to have them all on display at any one time. On request, and with a little advance notice, any model in our reserves can be made available to visitors.


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