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Ships and events:

Royal Navy: Articles of War, 1757.
Treaty of Friendship, Limits, and Navigation – Spain / US 1795
Serapis and Bonhomme Richard – some details of these ships, (Sept. 23, 1779), towards the end of the American Revolution.
The Topaz and HMS Diana 1807 – the High Court condemnation, 1811 (pdf file)
HMS St. Lawrence – some notes, illustrations, armament, etc.
Rush-Bagot Agreement – April 28, 1818
Princess Royal – blockade runner, 1863
Habakkuk – an extraordinary WWII "invention" with anecdotes by W.S Churchill
Convoy TM-1 – December 1942 - January 1943
Hudson River Ghost Fleet – post Second World War
Ship type nomenclature: Jane's, NATO and other naval ship "types".
       Specific nomenclature: for the Royal Canadian Navy.
Cruiser Characteristics, Roles and Missions – Historical Review, 2005 (US)
Joseph Kennedy, ship name index from When Singapore fell : evacuations and escapes, 1941-42.

Officers, men and women:

Relative ranks, Royal Navy and Army - Admiralty, 1747.
Naval Officers, origins of terminology - from Cadet to Admiral over several centuries
Admirals Hood [Bligh and the Bounty, Nelson and HMS Victory]
Black sailors in the Royal Navy - John Rankin's research paper
Cdr David H. Botly, RCNVR, RCN(R), who served at the Dieppe raid, D-Day, etc...
The Canadian Raid on Dieppe, 1942, LCdr Roy S. Portchmouth recalls his involvement as a young Ordinary Seaman
RCN Centennial, interviews - NMA summer students interview veterans; The County Magazine, Fall 2010, with permission.
George Devonshire - served Merchant Navy then HMCS Waskesiu, Russian convoys, Word War II
Lieutenant - how to pronounce
Mainguy Report - background, further reading, on incidents in the RCN in 1949
Matthew Henry Scott - from Lieutenant to Admiral
The prospects of naval history - W.A.B. Douglas, in the early 1990s
Royal Naval Asylum - move from Paddington to Greenwich; from the Naval Chronicle, XVIII
Victoria Crosses including Royal Navies, Airforces and Armies.
WRENS and WRCNS - the ladies in our service.

Design, shipbuilding and shipyards:

North American shipyards and shipbuilding - General index, by yard name and ship types. Merchant and Naval
Bethlehem Steel shipyards - an overview of all divisions, locations and yard names, merchant and naval
Commander W. Hovgaard, Submarine boats, 1915.
Commander William Hovgaard – a short biography.
Part I – Historical review.
Part II – A discussion of the principal features of the design of submarine boats.
Part III – Images: photos and schematics.
Aircraft carrier development, 1965 - catapults and arresters, Vice-Admiral Sir Raymond Hawkins.
Aircraft carrier steam catapults, 1953 - from hydro-pneumatic to slotted cylinder, Commander (E) W. R. Stewart.
The catapult in HMS Ark Royal, 1956 - first slotted cylider type, LCdr K. B. Denison.
Davie shipbuilding - a short history and links to more details, and
        Davie shipbuilding - some visual mementos


Admiral Horatio Nelson – career timeline - His advancement and promotions from Midshipman to Vice Admiral
Artwork, paintings and drawings of HMS Victory - a new addition to our Nelsonian holdings.
Battle of Trafalgar - propaganda - a rather optimistic account of Lord Nelson's "defeat" at Trafalgar, by the Napoleonic press.
England expects that every man will do his duty - Admiral Nelson's most famous signal.
HMS Victory - quill pens for the Great Cabin (1966).

The War of 1812:

Watches and bells - navigation background and shipboard life.
Nautical time and civil date - navigation background
Time: GMT, Universal, Civil and Atomic - navigation background

Publications, journals, magazines:

Cruiser Characteristics, Roles and Missions – Historical Review, 2005
The Navy Records Society - their publications since 1894, mostly British and Royal Navy
Warship - The British serial, quarterly and annual, from January 1977 until ....

Marines - yachting, guerre, commerce :

Marines: Yachting - Guerre - Commerce - some notes on this publication
No. 1 : Les cuirassés de l'ingénieur Huin - Le Hoche de 1886
No. 2 : Les cuirassés - Le Hoche de 1886 (suite)
No. 3 : Les cuirassés - Le Hoche de 1886 (suite du numéro 2)
No. 4 : Les cuirassés - Le cuirassé Marceau
No. 5 : Les cuirassés - Le cuirassé Marceau (suite)
No. 6 : Les cuirassés - Le cuirassé Marceau (suite des nos. 4 et 5)
No. 7 : Les cuirassés - Le cuirassé Marceau ; Le cuirassé Neptune
No. 8 : Les cuirassés - Le cuirassé Neptune (suite du no. 7)
No. 9 : Les cuirassés - Le cuirassé Neptune (suite des no. 7 et 8)
No. 10 : Les cuirassés - Le cuirassé Neptune (suite des no. 7, 8 et 9)


The Perils of Sea Power in the pre-WWI Era - Christopher West's call for Canadian Diplomacy in the Naval Debate (a detailed paper.)
The Defence of Canada In the Light of Canadian History - by Christpher West (1914); Canadian thinking on militarism.
Copper sheathing - some notes on its origins, many from the Royal Navy
Diego Garcia - Chagos - sketch map and notes concerning this naval base
Evolution of Signal Flags - contains further pages on various signal codes: single letter, Marryat and international, as well as illustrations.
"Navy Cut" cigarettes and HERO - advertizing memories for many generations of sailormen.



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