Schooner Days CCXXXVII (237)

Last Fore 'N' After At Cherry Valley, 25 Apr 1936

This issue of "Schooner days" covers the Mariners' Service held in Prince Edward County on Sunday 19 April, 1936. It should be noted that Mr Snider incorrectly spells the name of Captain Nelson Palmatier (as he does in other issues of "Schooner days".) He also refers to a mine disaster that had very recently occured. At 11 p.m. on April 12, 1936, three men were trapped 150 feet underground when Nova Scotia's Moose River gold mine collapsed around them. Frank J. Willis, the CRBC's Regional Director for the Maritimes. broadcast for two minutes every half-hour for 56 hours straight. An estimated 100 million people in Canada, the USA and Great Britain listened to this very first live 24-hour news event, changing forever the perception of what radio can do.

For further information on the Mariners' Service held annually in Prince Edward County and mentioned in this edition of Schooner Days, please see our history of this event.



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