Schooner Days CCLXV (265)

Taits From The Isle Of Tante, 7 Nov 1936

David Tait was born in Argyll, Scotland in 1797 and married Beatrice Lauder, also from Scotland and born the same year. The year of their arrival in Canada (Amherst Island) is not recorded. They both died in Picton, Ontario, he on 15 January 1883, she on 22 September 1885. Although Mr Snider, in this issue of Schooner Days, only makes a passing mention, their son John "Jack" Tait (14 February 1839 - 10 October 1920) built more than one hundred vessels, mostly schooners, some steam, some barges, and mostly in Prince Edward County. His reputation was unparalleled. Ref: family records in our Great Lakes fonds.

For other details concerning John Tait in the Schooner Days articles, please see the Schooner Days Subject Index by Mr Rowley Murphey (as amended and updated).



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