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Virtual Victory Kids: Program

a sextant from the Naval Marine Archive
virtual kids program

Nautical Navigation

Nautical Navigation invites young learners aged 7-11 to journey deep into the topic of navigating. Explore the fascinating development of offshore navigation, learn about celestial navigation, inspect navigation tools both old and new, and master vital navigation terminology. After the live session, there will be a question and answer period with an expert navigator.

Live Session

The live session was held on Zoom on Thursday, June 30th, 2022 from 5:00pm EST to 6:00pm EST.

Video Presentations

Nautical Navigation - Part 1 - from the live presentation
Nautical Navigation - Part 2 - from the live presentation
Compasses - Part 1 - this presentation gives some details about different types of compasses
Compasses - Part 2 - this presentation gives some details about how compasses work



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