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Bibliographic terminology
Ballantine Illustrated History of the Second World War II - includes WWI (short series)
James Barnes (1866-1936) - bibliography
Balloons and dirigables - Charles Emery Rosendahl
Cable laying - cable laying ships and telegraphy
Chronicles of Canada - a major work
Cristobal de las Casas 1583 dictionary Toscano-Castellano
"Dave Dawson" series - WWII junior aeronautical fiction, by R. Sidney Bowen.
Early French texts - many naval, some merchant, by Gérard Delacroix.
Glenora ferries - references to the Glenora to Adolphustown ferries.
Historic Kingston - index - the journal of the Kingston Historical Society.
Nelson, Admiral Horatio - Reference
Nelson's times in fiction - Hornblower, Ramage and Aubrey-Maturin : C.S. Forester, D. Pope and P. O'Brian
Navy Records Society List
Navies, General
Navy, Royal Navy
King's and Queen's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions
Navy, Royal Canadian Navy
Navy, United States Navy
Navies, American Civil War
Privateering and piracy - a note on papers presentated at the ICMH, 1975.
The Royal Cruising Club - Journals, and associated Roving Commissions.
Shanty Bibliography - shanties (chanteys) and songs of the sea
The War of the Rebellion (Armies) (American Civil War)
The War of the Rebellion (Navies) (American Civil War)
"Seafarers" series - by Time-Life, various authors.
"What Life was like" Series - by Time-Life, 18 vols., bibliography
"World War II" Series - by Time-Life, - 39 vols., bibliography

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