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The War of 1812

Our guide to sources for research into the War of 1812, prepared by a number of specialists, examines a very wide range of published documents. Our catalogue holdings, referring specifically to the War of 1812, are available here.

Book reviews

The Challenge: America, Britain and the War of 1812 – by Andrew Lambert, Faber & Faber, 2012.


Another look at the Battle of Lake Erie - C.P. Stacey's detailed account of this naval encounter
Books, articles and documents – with grateful recognition of the late Robert Malcomson's assistance
Capture of the Cuyahoga – oil pinting by Peter Rindlisbacher, CSMA
Gunboats of the War of 1812
HMS St Lawrence – some notes, illustrations, armament, etc.
The Shannon and the Chesapeake – 1 June 1813, War of 1812
Treaty of Ghent – the end of the War of 1812
Battle of New Orleans – from the memoires of Lieutenant-General Sir Harry Smith, Baronet of Aliwal on the Sutle


an engagement

"Engagement off the Genessee" by Peter Rindlisbacher, CSMA


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