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Aeronautical journals and magazines

Aeroplane magazine - Early years, 1911-1959, notes, follow up and cataloguing
Flight magazine - Flight (and Flight International), notes and cataloguing
Flying magazine - Flying (1912-1922), notes and cataloguing.
Journal of the [Royal] Aeronautical Society - 1897 onwards, notes and cataloguing.
Wind-sock magazine - Wind-sock, notes and cataloguing.

Aeronautical articles

Canada’s Youngest Woman Pilot - a sixteen year old high-school student from Prince Edward County, Ontario.
Early Days In Russia - "Flying, As It Was" Michael Gregor, from barnstorming to the FDB-1
Nansen's proposal for the North Pole by airship - adapted from a very detailed 1926 acount
Nieuport biplane - Flight, Vol. VII, 1915, p. 189-191
Polar Route - North West passage - Pedersen / Flight
Sir Winston Churchill piloting a Boeing 314 flying boat during the Second World War
Walter Wellman's expedition to the North Pole Adapted from a very detailed 1906 article in National Geographic


CL-215[T]//CL415 - the Canadair firefighting tanker airplane
Cockpit - origins and use of the term, maritime and aeronautical
Rosendahl, Charles Emery - notes on his career concerning balloons and dirigables
"Dave Dawson" series - WWII junior aeronautical fiction, by R. Sidney Bowen.


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