Our guide to sources for research into military subjects, prepared by a number of specialists, examines a very wide range of published documents. Also, our catalogue holdings, referring specifically to general military matters, are available here.

Publications, journals, magazines:

Canadian Defence Quarterly :

Canadian Defence Quarterly (1923-1939) - Our catalogued holdings
Canadian Defence Quarterly (1971- ) - Our catalogued holdings
Canadian Defence Quarterly - Selected articles from the 1971 series.

The Crow's Nest :

The Crow's nest - Our catalogued holdings of the WWII newsprint format editions
The Crowsnest - Our catalogued holdings of The Crowsnest : The Royal Canadian Navy's Magazine, 1949-1965
Crowsnest - Our catalogued holdings of Crowsnest [the national news magazine of the Royal Canadian Navy], 2011-

Officers and men:

Relative ranks, Royal Navy and Army - Admiralty, 1747.
The Defence of Canada In the Light of Canadian History - by Christpher West (1914); Canadian thinking on militarism.
Canadian Gunner, Vol. 1, 1965 - a history of Shilo Camp.

Sir Sam Hughes

Sir Sam Hughes : his public career, 1892 - 1916 R.G. Haycock (PhD thesis), 1976
Sam Hughes Files - Various Alan R. Capon fonds

Research papers:




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