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Arctic and whaling


Polar Route - North West passage | Pedersen / Flight
Walter Wellman's expedition to the North Pole | Adapted from a very detailed 1906 article in National Geographic
Nansen's proposal for the North Pole by airship | Adapted from a very detailed 1926 account
The Cutter Bear | Ships and the Sea, 1953; Northwward Ho! by Dr. G.A. Stansfield
The Cutter Bear | Sea Breezes, 1963; The end of the Bear
The Nancy Dawson belonging to Robert Shedden | Engaged in the search for Sir John Franklin, 1849


The Arctic | Journal of the Arctic Institute of North America
Searchable index of The Arctic vols. 1 to 49 in our collections


Whaling, aboriginal exemptions | Written by Paul Adamthwaite, published by Chasse-Marée [French]


watercolour painting by Nansen


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