Guide to Sources for Research into Military History

The French and Indian Wars

"A Few Acres of Snow": The Saga of the French and Indian Wars : Robert Leckie (New York : John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 1999)

Comprehensively covers the entire period from the early history of New France to 1763.  From the dust jacket: "A Few Acres of Snow is particularly effective for its close attention to the far-reaching political and cultural origins leading up to the North American conflict—hearkening all the way back to the twilight of medieval times. [...] Leckie provides perspective on exactly how the 'New World' came to be such a contested prize in Western civilization."


Empires at War: The Seven Years’ War and the Struggle for North America, 1754-1763 : William M. Fowler Jr (Vancouver : Douglas & McIntyre, 2005)

Gives an incisive in-depth account of the final French and Indian War.  An excerpt from the dust jacket: "Empires at War captures the sweeping panorama of this first world war from its tentative beginnings through the build-up of European army and naval forces in North America that led to a series of brutal campaigns, to the Treaty of Paris in 1763."


Quebec, 1759: The Siege and the Battle : Col. C. P. Stacey (Toronto : Macmillan, 1959)

Written for the bicentennial, this is still the definitive study of the war’s decisive battle.  The lengthy accounts of Francis Parkman and the novels of James Fenimore Cooper add details and colour to the struggle.




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