Guide to Sources for Research into Military History

The British in the American Revolution

The War for America: 1775-1783 : Piers Mackesy (London : Longmans, 1964)

Still, in many respects, the definitive study of the American Revolutionary War from a British perspective and placed in a global context.


The War of the Revolution : Christopher Ward (Location : Publisher, Year)

At nearly 1,000 pages, this hefty, two-volume book meticulously covers the war’s events in brilliant detail.


Toward Lexington: the Role of the British Army in the Coming of the American Revolution : John Shy (Princeton : Princeton University Press, 1965)

From the preface: "[This book] not only provides a study in the military history of early America, but also elucidates one aspect of the breakdown of the first British empire."


Redcoats and Rebels: the American Revolution Through British Eyes : Christopher Hibbert (New York : Avon Books, 1990)

From the author's note: "This is a narrative history of the American War of Independence told largely from the British and loyalist points of view and incorporating as much interesting new material as [the author has] been able to find.  It is intended for the general reader rather than the student, although [the author] hope[s] the student to whom the field is new may find it a useful introduction to the works of those scholars listed in the bibliography to whom [he is himself] indebted."





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