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Virtual Victory Kids: Program

virtual kids program

Know Your Knots

Knot everyone knows their knots - but after this lesson they will! Know your Knots will supply 7-11 year olds with a basic knotting and rope knowledge. How did knotting begin? What can knotting be used for? What are the different types of ropes and knots? These questions and so much more will be answered in this thrilling lesson. During the live session, there will be a demo and a question and answer period with a knotting expert!

Live session

The live session was held on Zoom on Thursday, July 21th, 2022 from 5:00pm EST to 6:00pm EST.

Video Presentations

Knots and Knotting – from the live presentation

Knotting basics – a hands on video including the figure eight knot, the reef knot, and the sheet bend

Hitches basics – a hands on video giving some details about hitches

Bowline basics – a hands on video giving some details about the bowline


Knotting Basics


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