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Large naval ships and submarines

The tables in this section document all the large, oceangoing, self-propelled ships and submarines built for the U.S. Navy since the 1890s, listed by hull code and number, also known as pennant number. The date of each table's most recent update is shown in the right-hand column. Also see the tables of small naval vessels. Please send comments to

Table description Revised
Surface Combatants
Battleships and Monitors (BB, BM) Oct 2020
Aircraft Carriers (CV, CVA, CVB, CVL, CVN) Nov 2020
Cruisers (C, CA, CB, CC, CL, CG, CGN) Nov 2020
Torpedo Boats (TB) Dec 2017
Destroyers built before WWII (DD) Dec 2017
Destroyers built during WWII (DD) Jun 2020
Destroyers built since WWII (DD, DDG) Dec 2020
Destroyer Escorts built during WWII (DE) Dec 2017
Destroyer Escorts and Frigates built since WWII (DE, FF) Dec 2017
Guided-Missile Frigates (DEG, FFG) Nov 2020
Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) Dec 2020
Expeditionary-Warfare Ships
Amphibious-Warfare Ships (LHA, LHD, LPH, LPD, LSD, LSV) Dec 2020
High-Speed Transports and Bases (HSV, HST, JHSV/EPF, ESD, ESB) Dec 2020
Submarines built before WWII (SS) Jan 2018
Submarines built during WWII (SS) Feb 2017
Submarines built since WWII (SS, SSN, SSBN) Dec 2020
Large Auxiliaries
Combat Logistics Force Ships (AC, AE, AF, AFS, AKE, AOE, AOR) Dec 2020
Cargo Ships (AK, AKA, AKN, AKR, AKS) Feb 2017
Oilers (AO) Dec 2020
Gasoline Tankers (AOG) Feb 2017
Destroyer Tenders (AD) Feb 2017
Submarine Tenders (AS) Feb 2017
Repair Ships (AR, ARB, ARC, ARG, ARH, ARL, ARV) Feb 2017
Aviation Support Ships (AV, AVB, AVP, AVS) Feb 2017
Troop Transports (AP) Feb 2017
Attack and Other Transports (APA, APD, APH, APV) Feb 2017
Hospital Ships (AH) Feb 2017
Miscellaneous Types (AG) Feb 2017

These shipbuilding pages are part of an ongoing project; new material and data is added regularly.

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