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The monthly Yachting started on January 1907, when publisher Oswald Garrison Villard released the first issue of Yachting. A year later he appointed his “schoolmate and lifelong friend”, 37-year-old Herbert L. Stone, as the magazine’s second editor. Stone continued as the editor through a series of ownership changes, except for a brief period during World War I when Stone went to war and William Atkin took over.

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May 1910 – Evolution and Development of the American fishing schooner, by Albert Cook Church.
Nov. 1920 – The Sailplane - a new type of sailboat, by M. and T. McIntyre.
March 1924 – The Royal Singapore Yacht Club, by W.M. Blake.
Sept 1925 – Ralph M. Munroe; In the lee of the longboat.
Nov 1925 Alice and Carib II, by Henry Howard (part 1).
Jan 1926 Alice and Carib II, by Henry Howard (part2).
Feb 1926 – The equipment of Alice, by Henry Howard.
April 1926 – In the lee of the longboat; Harry Pidgeon and Islander.
May 1926 – Keels or Centerboards? (Fred Fenger on a then current controversy).
June 1926 – In the lee of the longboat; more on centerboards and Islander.
July 1926 – Henry Howard (owner of Alice) by Winfield M. Thomson.
August 1926 – The Alden designed Malabar VII.
Sep 1926 – more on Keels or Centerboards? Henry Howards reply to Fenger.
Nov 1926 – The Presto type of centerboarder, by R.M. Munroe.
Dec 1927 – An accomplishment of sail, by R.M. Munroe.
Sep 1929 – The cruise of the Alice, part I, by Henry Howard.
Oct 1929 – The cruise of the Alice, equipment and sails, etc., part II, by Henry Howard.
Nov 1929 Bluefish another decidedly interesting Motor Sailer.
Dec 1929 – The cruise of the Alice, homeward bound, part IV, by Henry Howard.
Feb 1932 Mahdee, small electric drive auxiliary.
April 1932 – Q-boat Robin (advert.)
Feb 1934 – The Sailplane (folow up to Nov. 1922), by Malcolm McIntyre.
Dec 1935 – Henry J. Gielow, William Gardner, brokerage adverts.
May 1937 Lulu wins Prince of Wales Trophy at Bermuda, by Everett Morris.
Feb 1941 – "Crates" - by yacht designers, by Charles Rawlings.
March 1942 Kelpie - a trim Victorian revival.
Dec 1946 – The 1851 log of the schooner-yacht America
Jan 1953 – The Snipe Story, by William Crosby.
Sep 1960 – The Race to Sweden, by Alf Loomis.
Dec 1960 – To Sweden in WIndrose, by W.E. Tobin III.
Dec 1964 – Twice around in Adios part I, by Thomas Steele.
Jan 1965 – Twice around in Adios part II, by Thomas Steele.
April 1965 – The fate of the schooner-yacht America, by Lt. Truxtun Umsted, USN.
Dec 1966 – River Patrol Boat for VietNam, by Boughton Cobb Jr.
Feb 1967 Emmet Bonita
April 1967 – A man and his boat – Wild Goose, by A. Roulon Mansfield Jr.
Jan 1972 – "They got their Marine", Valley Sailing Association, St Louis, Mo.
Oct 1973 – Cruising in Cuba "How close is close", by Steve Shulke.

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