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Large or Otherwise Significant Shipbuilders

U.S. builders of large ships

Since WWI, 80 U.S. shipbuilders have built the larger types of oceangoing vessels, including naval ships and submarines, cargo ships, passenger ships, other special-purpose commercial or governmental ships, and offshore drilling rigs. All have (or had) a significant record of performance, involving more than a few years and more than a few ships. The table below is structured in three groups:
(A) 5 yards - the "big five" - which are actively building most of the U.S. Navy's large commissioned ships and submarines;
(B) 15 yards - the "second tier" - which are actively building commercial ships, rigs and/or oceangoing government ships that are smaller and less expensive than those built by the "big five";
(C) 60 yards which have built significant numbers of large vessels since WWI but which are no longer active.

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# Shipbuilder Builder Since Location State
Group A - Major Active Builders of Large Naval Vessels (5)
1 GD/Bath Iron Works 1890 Bath ME
2 GD/Electric Boat 1899 Groton CT
3 GD/NASSCO 1944 San Diego CA
4 HII/Ingalls Shipbuilding 1939 Pascagoula MS
5 HII/Newport News Shipbuilding 1886 Newport News VA
Group B - Other Active Builders of Large Vessels (15)
1 Austal USA 2000 Mobile AL
2 Bollinger Lockport 1953 Lockport LA
3 Bollinger Marine Fabricators (formerly McDermott SB) 1962 Amelia LA
4 Bollinger Houma (formerly Gulf Island Fabricators) 2009 Houma LA
5 Chouest North American Shipbuilding 1974 Larose LA
6 Chouest LA Ship (formerly North American Fabricators) 1996 Houma LA
7 Chouest Tampa Ship (formerly Tampa Shipyards, Tampa Bay SB) 2008 Tampa FL
8 Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding (formerly Christy Corp., Sturgeon Bay SB) 1885 Sturgeon Bay WI
9 Fincantieri Marinette Marine 1942 Marinette WI
10 Halter Marine Pascagoula (formerly VTHM Pascagoula) 1998 Pascagoula MS
11 Halter Marine Offshore (formerly FGO Pascagoula) 1998 Pascagoula MS
12 Keppel AmFELS (formerly Marathon LeTourneau) 1971 Brownsville TX
13 Philly Shipyard (formerly Aker Phila., Kvaerner Phila.) 2000 Philadelphia PA
14 Vigor Seattle (formerly Todd Seattle) 1890 Seattle WA
15 Vigor Portland (formerly Port of Portland, Cascade General, US Barge) 2005 Portland OR
Group C - Builders of Large Vessels Which Have Closed Since World War I (60)
1 Alabama Shipyard (formerly ADDSCO, Atlantic Marine Alabama, Alabama SY, BAE Systems SE) 2006 Mobile AL
2 Albina Engine & Machine Works 1971 Portland OR
3 American Bridge 1981 Ambridge PA
4 AmShip Buffalo (formerly Buffalo Dry Dock) 1958 Buffalo NY
5 AmShip Chicago (formerly Chicago SB) 1958 Chicago IL
6 AmShip Cleveland (formerly Globe Iron Works) 1945 Cleveland OH
7 AmShip Detroit (formerly Detroit SB) 1920 Detroit MI
8 AmShip Lorain (formerly Cleveland SB) 1981 Lorain OH
9 AmShip Toledo (formerly Craig SB) 1981 Toledo OH
10 AmShip Superior (formerly American Steel Barge and Superior SB) 1919 Superior WI
11 Avondale Shipyards 2006 New Orleans LA
12 Bender Shipbuilding (formerly Bender Welding) 2009 Mobile AL
13 Bethlehem Beaumont (formerly Pennsylvania SY) 1994 Beaumont TX
14 Bethlehem Elizabethport (formerly Crescent SY) 1926 Elizabethport NJ
15 Bethlehem Key Highway (formerly Baltimore DD & SB) 1974 Baltimore MD
16 Bethlehem Quincy (formerly Fore River SB, later GD Quincy) 1983 Quincy and Squantum MA
17 Bethlehem San Francisco (formerly Union Iron Works) 1981 San Francisco and Alameda CA
18 Bethlehem San Pedro (formerly Southwestern SB) 1946 San Pedro CA
19 Bethlehem Sparrows Point (formerly Maryland Steel) 1999 Sparrows Point MD
20 Bethlehem Staten Island (formerly Staten Island SB) 1958 Staten Island NY
21 Bethlehem Wilmington (formerly Harlan & Hollingsworth) 1926 Wilmington DE
22 Butler Shipbuilders, Inc. (formerly McDougall-Duluth) 1945 Duluth MN
23 Cramp Shipbuilding 1945 Philadelphia PA
24 Defoe Shipbuilding (formerly Defoe Boat & Motor Works) 1976 Bay City MI
25 Delaware River Iron SB (Roach's Shipyard, formerly Reaney, Son & Archbold, later Merchant SB) 1922 Chester PA
26 Dravo Pittsburgh - Self-Propelled Vessels and Dravo Pittsburgh - Barges 1982 Pittsburgh PA
27 Dravo Wilmington (formerly Harlan & Hollingsworth, Bethlehem Wilmington) 1965 Wilmington DE
28 Federal Shipbuilding Kearny 1947 Kearny NJ
29 Federal Shipbuilding Newark 1947 Newark NJ
30 Great Lakes Engineering Ashtabula 1946 Ashtabula OH
31 Great Lakes Engineering Ecorse 1960 Ecorse MI
32 Gulf Shipbuilding (formerly Chickasaw SB, later Halter Chickasaw) 1982 Chickasaw AL
33 Gulfport Shipbuilding (formerly Gulfport Boiler & Welding Works) 1982 Port Arthur TX
34 Ingalls Iron Works 1981 Decatur AL
35 Lake Torpedo Boat Co. 1922 Bridgeport CT
36 LeTourneau Inc. (formerly Marathon LeTourneau) 2011 Vicksburg MS
37 Levingston Shipbuilding 1982 Orange TX
38 Lockheed Shipbuilding (formerly Puget Sound Bridge & Dredging) 1987 Seattle WA
39 Long Beach Shipbuilding (formerly Craig SB) 1943 Toledo OH
40 Manitowoc Shipbuilding 1972 Manitowoc WI
41 Marietta Manufacturing 1962 Point Pleasant WV
42 Maryland Shipbuilding & Dry Dock (formerly Globe SB) 1976 Baltimore MD
43 Merrill-Stevens Engineering (later Jacksonville Shipyards) 1953 Jacksonville FL
44 Moore Dry Dock (formerly Moore SB) 1956 Oakland CA
45 New York Shipbuilding Company 1967 Camden NJ
46 Peterson Builders (formerly Peterson Boat Works) 1997 Sturgeon Bay WI
47 Pusey & Jones 1946 Wilmington DE
48 Seatrain Shipbuilding (formerly New York NSY) 1979 Brooklyn NY
49 Southern Shipbuilding (formerly Canulette SB) 1986 Slidell LA
50 Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company 1983 Chester PA
51 Tacoma Boatbuilding 1989 Tacoma WA
52 Tampa Shipbuilding (TASCO) 1946 Tampa FL
53 Tampa Shipyards (later Tampa Bay Shipbuilding) 1990 Tampa FL
54 Todd Galveston (formerly Gray's Iron Works) 1986 Galveston TX
55 Todd Houston (formerly Brown Shipbuilding) 1982 Houston TX
56 Todd Los Angeles (formerly Los Angeles Shipbuilding) 1989 San Pedro CA
57 Todd Tacoma (formerly Sea-Tac Shipbuilding) 1946 Tacoma WA
58 Welding Shipyards 1950 Norfolk VA
59 Western Pipe & Steel San Pedro 1947 San Pedro CA
60 Western Pipe & Steel South San Francisco 1946 South San Fran. CA

These shipbuilding pages are part of an ongoing project; new material and data is added regularly.

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